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The Return of Christ Jesus

second coming of Christ pictures   The doctrine regarding the return of our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ is intended to awake us His body to a daily faith filled walk with Him and to be caught up in Him. Also, to cloth us with His ever abiding presence so that we’re always ready both to give an answer for the hope we have in Him and to be called home either by death without prior notice, as we’ve been notified by Him or by being suddenly clothed with our immortal body at His appearing 1 Jn 2:28NLT, Phil 2:16NLT, 1 Cor 1:7-8NLT, 2 Pet 1:14NKJV, 1 Cor 15:52. The sounds of His trumpets are reverberating during the day and at night in the spiritual ears of those who are in Christ and keeping them alert in a way that is peaceful. This peaceful alertness, knows nothing about escapism! It’s not in a hurry to escape this life’s troubles and difficulties. Rather, it’s propelled by the unspeakable joy springing from a real sense of knowing the reality of eternal bliss with God by the help of the Holy Spirit in union with Christ who has opened an eternal way to FELLOWSHIP with God. Adam and Eve enjoyed this marvelous privilege in the Garden of Eden before self and the devil conspired to ruin this God ordained destiny for man. Handling this eternal truth of the Lord’s return as if to say His grace is becoming weak over time and we need to escape is not wise. As usual, when the things of God are dealt with in an unwise manner the devil jumps in quickly and attempts to change its purpose. It is presently crucial that we remind ourselves of the purpose of God in everything He has given to us and especially this lively teaching of His return to the earth. As stated earlier, it is to keep us in an alert state at all times in spite of any circumstances we’re in—even if we’re hard pressed on every side spiritually and physically or flying on Eagles wings and possess all the earthly things we want. On one hand, we can engage this doctrine in a way that serves only our own purpose and state of mind though unintentionally by portraying that this world is too hot for God and His worshipers and as such, He is in a hurry to run away with them before they’re defeated . Usually, Mark 13:20 is used to support this view, the interpretation of which cannot be further from the truth. If anything, we’re boldly told that the grace of God is sufficient for those in Christ! 2 Cor 12:9,1:5, Phil 4:12. The phrase in verse 20 of Matt 13, “no human being would be saved” or no flesh would have survived is a reference to being physically alive. Some elect of God must be physically alive at the time of His return and will be changed at the twinkle of an eye from mortal to immortal. Amen! On the other hand, the pretense that we’re not in need for Him to return quickly because we have so much grace, flowing in all obedience, defeating the devil and enjoying this world so much is rather a sign we’re yet to understand what God’s purpose is and what the body of Christ is truly confronting at this time. There has never been a time such as we have now— even the most devoted Christians are in anguish of heart if not for themselves, then for the exceeding danger facing the babies in Christ from being so easily deceived because of the unleashing of demons that is inspiring so many false preachers and teachers today. Their cheap doctrines tend to encourage us not to be too serious with our salvation since Christ has done it all. So, we can as well avoid suffering with Christ Rom 8:17-18, 2 Tim 2:12. It’s regrettable and disheartening! God’s grace at work in those in Christ provides sufficiently to overcome lack in any form or preserves through any situation they may face while waiting and eagerly expecting His bodily return though His visitations to them who love and obey Him are many.

His many visitations to those who are His brothers in this present world sustains them in a way the religious (moral and immoral people in the church who do not have His spirit) know nothing about! A song writer, C Austin Miles, was overwhelmed with His visitation and he burst into writing or should I say singing:He walks with me And he walks with me And He talks with me, And He tells me I am his own; And the joy we share as we tarry there, None other has ever known.

Those who taste the joy of His visitations can never be satisfied with mundane things no matter how appealing they may be. It creates in our hearts a hunger for God and for His service in a way we can hardly ever be able to fulfill fully. The words of C Austin Miles buttresses this when he said, “It is as a writer of gospel songs I am proud to be known, for in that way I may be of the most use to my Master, whom I serve willingly although not as efficiently as is my desire.” Enjoying God this much in spite of the limitation of the mortal body creates a longing to be carried away like Enoch. Also, for His appearing and our bodily resurrection to immortality which brings us into another dimension of enjoying His fatherly fellowship that can never be broken again. This fellowship is far better than the one Adam and Eve knew! Psalms and spiritual songs are blessings the Holy Spirit puts into the hearts of Christ’s bride. No wonder, we’re told that when the saints gather together in the Lord’s name, one person should have a Psalm and another have a spiritual song, mixed together, the body is greatly edified. In private, each lively stone is a musician—worshiping and edifying itself in the most Holy Faith and hope. This is the life of the spirit—it conquers all things with much joy not with tiredness, grudges, bitterness and, “please come quickly Jesus before the devil takes me to his side!” If you’re a believer, I challenge you to pray, “O God, open the window of Heaven to me” and you, open your heart too to receive blessings of Heaven that prepares and nourishes the soul. Wait patiently and see your needs met so long as you’re prepared to accept the channel God chooses. It may come through your wife or husband so, if you have no respect for your spouse, it means you’ll have to repent because they’re God’s gift to you. It may come through a brother we’re not in good terms with. God uses it as a means to workout repentance and cleansing of His body from unforgiving spirit and bringing in reconciliation among those that are quarreling. When a word or kind deed from a brother bless our hearts, it is a statement to us to be humble and let our bowel of mercy and love abound. God is working out good or light in us through everything He does for us and with us! It takes repentance to bless and receive from those we don’t like. But, God must finish off that carnal nature in our souls! Enemies on earth will not be friends in heaven—the earth is a place of reconciliation. Selah! His providence comes many times through far and strange sources that we may know He is the only one we must depend on totally; knowing He can use any person He chooses to bless us both spiritually and physically. Therefore, slavish devotion to anyone for the sake of receiving favor is not in the agenda of those who are learning to walk with Christ and eagerly expecting His return. True eager expectation of Christ’s return creates a pleasant attitude and instills a sense of deep caution in His people as to how they pursue the affairs of this life which tends to distract the heart from Him. If our attention is constantly on Him, it helps us give Him the chance to work out our utmost good not just momentary good. This kind of attitude will prevent us from spending all our time on this earth devoted to acquiring temporal things which death separates from us perpetually. Selah! Those who focus on PREDICTING the time of Christ’s return because of the rapid fulfillment of many prophetic events in our time rather than its purpose are often ensnared with wanting to advise Christ when to return and prove that their forecast is correct. This attitude may end up leading us to say, “The resurrection has already happened” maybe in the spirit–really!? 2 Tim 2:18NLT In summary, we’re to love God, use all of the grace He is making available to us to walk and work with Him daily. Then, the pre, mid, post or whatever new “revelation” might be propounded in the future will not toss us to and fro. Walking with Him and engaging the world with the gospel daily as we face our legitimate endeavors for our bodily up keeps in a watchful and prayerful manner will keep us in a state of readiness than any time framing theology can do.

Our Christ, brother and bridegroom will come when the Father chooses (next week, 20 or 100 years from now), we’ll not be caught unawares if we take up the profession of digging into the purpose of the faith daily and ridding ourselves of the refuge of lies material bound teachers are filling our atmosphere with.

Those who truly have the hope of His return (now a trash talk for many); understand the dichotomy between the spiritual and physical—being fully persuaded that there is indeed life with God after this momentary mortal life. Therefore, knowing that the spiritual life is far more superior to the physical, the wise is more devoted to handling physical affairs with the eyes of the spiritual Rev 3:17, Prov 4:23. For, the spiritual gave birth to the physical and will eventually dominate! Heb 10:23NLT, 2 Cor 4:16-18. Amen Finally, I implore you not to be alarmed to hear that, ‘His return may happen in a matter of few days, 20 or even 100 years from now’ because, the Father owes none of His sons explanations for His actions especially as it pertains to the return of Christ Jesus Matt 24:36, 1 John3:3, Heb 9:28. Maranatha!