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Legislation and the Church

Legislation and the Church

same sex marriage


Currently, governments all over the world are passing legislation for or against homosexuality and same-sex marriage. Should the “Churches of God in Christ” be opposing the legislation that favours these practises? I don’t think so for the following reasons:

Firstly, opposing the legislation means a subtle denial of what the Bible teaches regarding the consequence of Adam and Eve’s fall; Satan’s nature was instilled in humankind. So, everyone born into this world has all the characteristics of Satan. Hence, the sins practised by humans are not learnt from one another by association rather, association pulls out the sins that already exists inside our sin nature Romans 5:12. The bible upholds the truth that all sins are innate in humans. The Church doesn’t need scientific studies to authenticate its truthfulness.

Given we humans are born with Satan inside of us (Adamic nature) and dwell in his Kingdom of darkness as well as this world (his environment), his various characteristics are exhibited by different individuals in various ways including homosexuality that’s fuelling same-sex marriage (Marring of marriage) John 8:44a. However, when practised between two consenting adults, it’s not more sinful than fornication or adultery. In the absence of mutual consent, it becomes criminal as in the case of rape. Secular governments’ civil and criminal laws should be geared towards a harmonious and peaceful society by preventing any person(s) from infringing on the rights of others

Secondly, it gives the impression of a lack of insight into God’s redemption plan for humankind. Because God knew Adam and Eve would fall and its effect on humans He created, He provided the Way (His slain Lamb, Christ Jesus) through whom all humans would come back to Him after the fall 1 Corinthians 15:22. This Way of God is to be willingly accepted and received because we’re not created as robots. Those who accept and receive Christ are saved, Satan gets dethroned in them as they’re brought out of his kingdom and put into the Kingdom of Light (The body of Christ) Colossians 1:13. Accepting Jesus can’t be legislated John 3:16.

Thirdly, it will work against the church’s mission in the world which is, rescuing humanity by preaching God’s Way (Jesus Christ) Acts 4:12.  Jesus came to save the unsaved in the world not to condemn them John 3:17. And, His apostles stated that the church needs to associate with those “outside Christ” for the sake of love and the preaching of Christ and His Kingdom. Not embarrass, emphasize their sins and intimidate them in order to change their nature and lifestyles by legislation.

Given the dilemma of those who have not accepted and received God’s Way, it should heighten the churches’ zeal and commitment to the great commission not fight unwarranted wars against those living according to the dictates of the king of the kingdom to which they belong. The churches of God in Christ should preach Christ and His Kingdom to humanity and wait patiently as they come to repentance 1 Timothy 2:1-2, 3, 4-6. Fighting government legislation meant for civil liberty is deviating from her mission to love and help them see God’s Way (Light) by the gospel alone. To hate and campaign against people who’re living their lives out there as citizens of this world is belittling and devaluing the Faith.

 Deviating from the Mission

The new mission of the church to change the world’s culture by any means possible is sensual not spiritual. It was sensual minded folks who crept into many of the churches long ago that succeeded in changing the focus of the mission by redefining almost everything in the bible. They failed to recognise that the lifestyles and culture of the world is being powered not from the outside, not even from the mind’s realm but deep from the heart’s nature. Only Christ’s blood can awaken the hearts of humans towards God not government legislations, church dogmas or well envisioned and executed religious programmes.

For the church to fulfil her God given mission by His ordained pattern, she must live her purpose! What’s her purpose?

The Church’s purpose in the world

Let’s be reminded that the body of Christ (The Church) is a citizen of heaven not of Satan’s environment (The world). The bible and not secular government legislates for the Church. And, her purpose in the world is to praise God by glorifying Christ in holy living and declaring God’s manifold wisdom 1Peter 2:9, Ephesians 3:10. Hence, Paul the apostle said, we’re to judge (teach, correct, rebuke, train in righteousness for participation in all godly conduct) those of the household of faith (The pillar and buttress of the truth) 2 Timothy 3:16-17, 1 Timothy 3:15.

The Church needs to be ready for her persecution that will usher in an amazing intervention of God and mass deliverance unto salvation of the unsaved as God’s word is uncompromisingly taught in the assemblies of the saints. Sinful living including homosexuality, same sex-marriage, fornication and adultery must not be tolerated in the churches of God in Christ Ephesians 5:3. Why? It’s the Churches’ responsibility to hold Christ’s disciples accountable as per the profession of the Faith. It was the primary concern of the apostles 2 Corinthians 11:28 NKJV. This should be the churches’ concern now.

It’s prescribed that believers who insist on misusing their bodies sinfully and dishonouring God 1 Corinthians 6:19-20 should be “put out of the fellowship of saints” with the hope the believer(s)’ direct rough experience with Satan may lead to repentance 1 Corinthians 5:9-10, 11, 12-13. Presently, many churches have colossal failure keeping the faith (Living God’s purpose). That’s where duty calls! As the world sees a true gospel life, love and discipline in the churches of God, everyone will think twice before joining the church.

While His light exposes the darkness inside humankind, more freakish legislation will come as stated prophetically in the Bible as the unavoidable consequence of rejecting God’s light that came into the world over 2000 years ago. Everything outside the light (Christ) will experience increasing conflict within itself. Light drives out darkness, and exposes it too! Its war, a war not to be fought with carnal weapons but with heavenly weapons purified by Christ’s Blood. Church, Selah!

But, churches’ that forget her purpose will also forget her mission as is the case with many today. They’re in need of rebuke and correction from the ministry gifts of Christ than the people of the world! When churches that claim to be in Christ join and aspire to join international groups for world peace, poverty eradication et al, one wonders how the mighty is fallen!? Oh, how a people gifted with sight, purpose and mission has been blinded and derailed! Whilst busy with fights and projects God has not assigned, wild weeds has overtaken them.

It’s when the church is ostracised, called weird people and persecuted, that her purpose and mission advance through the Holy Spirit.

Neither Jesus nor the Apostles protested and lobbied against legislations! Let’s imitate their examples!