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There is a great need and reason for us to keep praying for God’s promises to us to be fulfilled even when it looks impossible and too late.

A burning Desire to see The Glory of God in All Things will propel fresh faith and patience in us as we grow weak in ourselves and strong in Christ. The feeblest in Christ is still a warrior in the day or season of battle hence the statement by Jesus in (Matt 11:11) “the least in the kingdom of God is greater than John the Baptist”.

The promise of God to us is meant for his glory much more than for our momentary pleasures and that is a platform for the grace God gives to His people.

Caleb was Promised Land inheritance when he was a young man and at about 85 years, he still wanted the promise fulfilled even though he did not know how many more years he had to enjoy it. He considered enjoying it a less priority to the praise and glory it will bring to God’s name as a faithful God to future generations.

Abraham is another example for everyone who has a promise from God. When having his own children as promised by God had become impossible and too late humanly speaking, his desire for God’s glory continually renewed his faith and patience. His mistake as it were, is a direct result of his imperfection which we all have. However, it is encouraging to know that our mistakes as imperfect servants of God does not nullify God’s promises according to His sovereign will.

When we earnestly seek to glorify God, we are at the same time reaching out to possess the glory He has prepared for us in Christ Jesus (Phil 3:14). Paul understood this too well and it was a pure motivation for his ministry (service) to God.

Abraham’s imperfection was given room to birth impatience because of the impatient voice of Sarah (Sarah can represent anyone that speaks into our lives) Gen 16:2. It’s a story that holds a lesson to be learnt. If the voice was a voice of patience what a difference it would have made to Abraham. Certainly it would have been different to the result of his action which still lingers till date.

There is a need to be cautious while trying to encourage or even correct, teach and rebuke any child of God. A voice of faithlessness, impatience and also sentimental criticism must be avoided.

The benefit we derive from God answering our prayers for material things will always be less than the reward we get from using that blessing to serve God in ways that announce the giver than the gift.

Desiring to see the glory of God is a great catalyst for answered prayers. It results to a broad benefit that includes others in the present time and future generation.

How we feel about the promise God has made to us is not as important as the intention of God in making the promise to us and as such, we must never give up (Hab 3:17-19, 2:3). Let faith and patience prevail for God is ever faithful. As we meditate upon His word and pray may we find a new strength today. Amen