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Give Attendance to Reading – From The Hyssop that Springeth Out of the Wall

In identifying with the Truth we mentioned that it was a case of pursuing God’s will, and seeking to walk in His ways. You do not really know the Truth until it becomes a part of your being. Honor the Word, the written Word. Read it much. But know of a certainty that it is not really yours until it comes alive within you.

I have read the Bible through many times, just as a matter of “reading” it… typed it out once along with footnotes and references for my own study Bible… memorized large portions of it in my earlier days… I honor the Word of God, as much as anyone. And yet many times as I read it I am keenly aware that at the time it seems to fall far short of meeting my basic earnest desire to know God. However, it has been a source of great encouragement to know that simply in reading the Word with an open heart one is exposing himself to the power and to the authority of that Word, unaware as you may be of this at the time.

Paul said, “Give attendance to reading…” But we would excuse ourselves on the basis that we do not understand it too well, or it becomes tiring and monotonous, and we do not get any particular blessing from it. We hope rather for the miracle that would make the printed page to shout at us with clarion call. I have personally never had that experience. And perhaps it is good that it has been this way so that I can encourage others. Many times we find ourselves reading some very beautiful Scriptures that carry with them a living Word; but its true benefit may not come to us until weeks, or months, or years later.

We have been speaking of God’s ways… the greatness of His ways… and how foreign God’s ways are to the ways of men. We sincerely trust that what we have said will not merely be received as good teaching and good doctrine; but that it will encourage everyone who reads this writing to “search and try their ways” as the Bible admonishes, For we are persuaded that if there is a genuine “search” in this area, God will be faithful to shew His people His way in this great hour, in this hour of impending crisis. Man’s day quickly draws to a close. God is looking for and preparing a people, who will come to know His thoughts and become acquainted with His ways. For of this present generation of the Church even of the evangelical and charismatic Church, it can rightly be said (as was said of the Israelites of old) “THEY HAVE NOT KNOWN MY WAYS.”