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A woman became a Christian and was full of excitement, peace and joy. Not long after, she noticed she had an immense struggle with a particular sin. She fought to overcome this particular sin that had mastered her but to no avail. However, she did not change her theology concerning the sin she was struggling against. She didn’t want to be enslaved by this sin. But, how would she be free is the question she didn’t have an answer to. She had enjoyed reading and hearing that Christ has set her free, fair enough! Her thinking remained, “but I have not touched or handled it. I want its reality in my own life!”

On this particular day, she woke up in the morning not battling the sin but weeping bitterly over this sin that has defeated her to no end despite her fighting against it. Unknown to her was the fact that this day was going to be a remarkable day for her, because God came to her and said, “You’re forgiven, it shall not have dominion over you again”. Being overjoyed, the woman rushed out to fellowship with her Christian brothers and sisters whom she had always desired to please by living clean and well.  Seconds after joining the ongoing meeting, the conversation and preaching topic changed to the sin she had been known for in an attempt to condemn her. No one had been her “brother in Christ” to notice that this sister was not enjoying the sin; the sin held her bound. Saleh!

This sister that God has forgiven and given grace or power over the sin exploded into prolonged laughter. As she laughed on, the “righteous brothers and sisters” busied themselves with thinking unrighteous thoughts about her— “God is unto her to kill her now for her persistent indulgence in the sin” but, she continued to laugh and before long, one after the other, everyone including the “righteous brothers and sisters” joined in the laughter.

How did it end? Find out in tomorrow’s post.