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Since God created the heavens and the earth, He has never commended anyone for anything done except, the faith exercised by the person.

Cornelius has the best credential for “work” well done than any other person in the Bible; his faith was on God but, it was misplaced. Faith must be only in Christ who is the only gateway to God.

Without faith no man has ever pleased God and no man will ever please Him.

The sprinkled Blood of Jesus is accessed only by faith. Faith accesses the only thing (Blood of Chrsit) that can clean the heart of man; no other action can ever, ever do!

There are only two kinds of life on the earth; righteous and unrighteous. God authored the first and Satan the second. There is no middle ground.

When, we can detect who we are more righteous than, it is a discovery that we are unrighteous. Righteousness is a life received and lived by faith.

To receive of the Spirit of Christ (God’s gift of salvation) by grace through faith and refuse to treasure it is treachery and ungratefulness.

Human actions can only be righteous by reason of faith in Christ. Good actions done not by faith in Jesus Christ are filthy rags.

Discovering from God, by faith, why your wife is your wife and your husband is your husband is the beginning of wisdom, peace and joy in marriage.

True Wisdom: At the end of the life of the wise, the totality of his achievements is summed up like this: I gained Christ! How? By faith!

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul? (Mark 8:36). Think!