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We live in a world where political and religious correctness (ethical righteousness) is increasingly becoming more important than godliness and good conscience. As such, godly people face the danger of failing to pursue good conscience towards God first and then man (Acts 23:1, 24:16).

Pursuing good conscience towards God entails:

    • Consistent study of God’s word
    • Believing His word
    • Trusting God’s will and purpose to take precedence over our motives
    • Examining our motives in the light of God’s word and submitting it to align with His purpose
    • Obeying His voice

Doing the above is not easy for “self” but knowing that His purpose always works out far better than ours should be encouraging to us coupled with the fact that the conscience of the godly is strengthened by his knowledge of and obedience to God.

To follow good conscience towards man, every effort needs to be made to adhere to various ethical codes of conducts as it applies to different people (1 Cor 9:20).

However, it is worth emphasizing that God’s voice to His Children governs them on how they navigate the issues of ethical righteousness.

God loves all people and as such His will pilots us to treat others with the following attitudes:

        • Sincere love
        • Praying for others
        • Speaking the truth of God’s word to others
        • Helping others in their time of need
        • Not lying or slandering others
        • Giving others due respect
        • Respecting others convictions
        • Being patient
        • Making sacrifice at ones expense for others good
        • Not being vengeful

Again, the above are contrary to “self” but, submitting ourselves to God to work out these virtues in us is most rewarding as it keeps our consciences pure.

The bible (inerrant word of God) defines righteousness in two ways:

            • To believe God (James 2:23, Rom 4:23-24) and to believe in Jesus (Rom 3:22, 4:5)
            • Doing what is right ethically (1 John 3:7)

Godliness and righteousness are great blessings but God invites us to be painstaking in upholding a good conscience towards Him and our fellow man. It unleashes God’s favour and defends us as we present the gospel to the world 1 Peter 3:15-16.

Neglecting it is dangerous 1 Tim 1:19. Good conscience is a safe pilot of our faith.