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In the Old Testament God spoke to His people predominately through selected ministers who lived by faith and as such beyond their generation- the people heard God by the voice of His servants. Due to this fact, the people were missing out on the unique effect of hearing God directly; for there must be some advantage to hearing God’s direct voice.

According to God’s preordained plan which showed only in His “due season” (Heb 9:8), His superior law hatched in His only begotten Son Jesus Christ- the ONLY name (way) to salvation (rescue from the kingdom of darkness and translation into the Kingdom of light and life) was and is made visible for all to see. This dispensation of grace or the New Testament, has made the feared but highly valued voice of God now available to all who are in the Kingdom of God though the people of old, unwisely, begged not to hear it directly.

The partition-the curtain that kept God’s people, except the high priest, from entering into the holy of holies to enjoy God’s creative voice has been made available to us who are in Christ Jesus (Heb 10:19-20). May all praise be to Him for all eternity! Amen.

All the secrets of God in salvation is hidden and revealed in Jesus Christ (Col 2:3)

In Hebrews 5:11 and 1 Corinthians 2:6, Paul concluded that explanation of some things that relate to salvation that is hidden in Christ is not for the ears of those that are dull of hearing Heb 5:12 and babies in Christ Heb 5:14. We are to grow in our knowledge of Christ who is our salvation but that can’t happen if we’re not prepared to enjoy the privilege God has given us to hear His voice as His sheep (John 10:14 & 27).

To enjoy the voice of Jesus Christ we must love and live not just righteously but have godly lives. That was one thing most of the people of old were not prepared to do. They preferred someone else to hear on their behalf – that way, they have a person they can blame and harass when they get angry with God. They were wise enough to know that no one can continue to hear God’s voice and persist in sinning the way they had determined to pursue other gods. Their wisdom was foolish, earthy and evil because true wisdom comes by fearing the Lord continually which leads to obedience to God’s voice. The voice of God carries unction, prophecy and creative purpose. They knew hearing God directly would eventually change their deceitful and deceptive heart thereby conforming them to His image and purpose (John 5:25, Rom 12:1-2).

In our twenty-first century Church, most of God’s people like the Israelites of old are tilting towards this attitude of not wanting to hear God’s voice directly. It is time to awake to the fact that God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit indwell all of His children. The ministers of God in this dispensation of grace are not like the Old Testament priesthood with the high priest. We need to remember that God has appointed all His people who have the Spirit of His Son (Christ Jesus) as kings and priests. The devil takes his field day to lie and harass God’s children with his deceiving voice to accuse and intimidate, but he is not God’s advocate. Jesus is and the Holy Spirit speaks His voice to us as Christ intercedes for saints His blood purchased. We simply need to repent (turn away from) wrong or sin when we fall for it (1 John 2:1, Acts 23:2-5 NLT).

Oh! How vital it is that we hear, learn and obey the voice of the Holy Spirit leading us to our Savior and Lord – Jesus Christ.

Paul who commended people to be children of God and faithful servants in different places in the scriptures tells us in Rom 8:16 that “The Spirit himself bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God,” It is only the Spirit that can witness to us that we are regenerated- born again, but if the sheep can’t hear the witness of the spirit how can the assurance come? Unfortunately, we resort to complex doctrine to resolve truths God has simplified for us already.

If the assurance of our salvation is not established in our hearts, how can the sheep willingly follow the good shepherd, much more endure suffering with Him.

For a change, why not determine in 2011 to open the ears of your heart to the voice of the Holy Spirit for your benefit and that of other believers you fellowship with and maybe beyond. We must not let laziness stop us from following the admonition in Col 3:16, Joshua 1:8 and 2 Tim 2:15. Those who are gifted with the ministry gift and spiritual gifts should wake-up, serve those who are weak and needy and let iron sharpen iron. It is time for all to fall upon their face before God to charge the battery inside us ( 2 Tim 1:6).

Let us learn God’s voice from the pages of the scriptures, obey it and see our lives blossom in God in all circumstances. If we are blessed to be doing so already, let us persist on it and look to bless others. The promised outcome in Eph 4:14-15 as a result of Eph 4:13 should encourage us to press on. I believe it is worth forming part of our core resolve this year and to aim for it with all of our hearts and strength.

One generation will praise thee O God to another generation and another and forever. Amen