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Justification by faith in Christ is an elementary doctrine (Heb 6:1, 11:6).

Having a participatory understanding of the doctrine of justification by faith in Christ Jesus is a basic requirement for anyone who claims to be a minister of the new covenant (2 Cor 3:6). Not getting this doctrine right can be likened to a workman given a gift box of tools necessary for accomplishing a job but, refuses to acknowledge the key tool (justification) within the box.

There is no deliverance from legalism and guilt without a participatory understanding of justification by faith in Christ just as there is no justification by faith in Christ that is not accompanied by an overcoming grace. For sin shall not have dominion over the saints (Ps 19:13, Rom 6:14)

Dave Jenkins has rightly divided God’s truth on his recent article on the subject. The time you spend reading through this teaching will be well worth it even if you already have a good grasp of it. It renews the heart’s love for Jesus and ignites fresh praise to God. Read it Justification