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It takes GRACE to deny the man and let the CHRIST come forth. It takes abiding, not in and out, hot and cold, here and there, back and forth, sometimes up and sometimes down. “Who shall abide?” He that hath clean hands and a pure heart. God will give grace to the humble and succor fhe weak, that he/she may be able to stand under all circumstances and conditions and glorify his Heavenly Father.

One might not be aware of one’s own spiritual growth, (which is good, no space for being puffed up), but others with whom you come in contact will surely witness that you have been with the Lord. This is one’s testimony.

Each day should bring us closer to that mark of the high calling. The Divine Nature must be engraved deep in our souls, that as the months and years go by, we mellow, not in churchianity or in church politics, but in CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD.