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It’s over 2,000 years since God came to the earth bodily to make His important purchase of the “souls” of men. The soul of man is the most important thing in the earth though it is darken, wrinkled and totally depraved —its preciousness cannot be valued by mortals. But, the fact that God was willing to pay the price with His own blood should speak volumes to all of mankind.

Since the time the blood of Christ dropped on the earth at the cross of Calvary, every soul coming into this evil world has been paid for. So, why are the souls of men still in the market place for purchase? Is your soul still in the market for sale? How much are you willing to sell it for? Who will you sell it to? The soul can be lost, it can be stolen—every soul that comes into this world can accept the price already paid for it or chose to illegally sell it for a lesser price. The reason any one will sell their soul for a lesser price is the blindfold of the devil which he achieves by appealing to the selfishness in the soul. The soul love to abuse the beautiful gift and privilege of choice from God. It will rather satisfy itself than submit to its maker but any soul that reject the price of Christ blood and illegally sell God’s rightful property will face the penalty of being put away in the prison of hell and eventually to the lake of fire for all eternity Ps 24:1, Titus 2:11, Luke 9:25.

Once Jesus had paid the price for the foundation of the church by spilling His blood, He went down to hell to preach and save all who entered this world before He came—to those who would believe in His atonement because, no soul had been saved before His sacrifice not even those who kept a great deal of God’s law Eph 4:9, 1 Pet 3:19, 4:6.

This mission of preaching the gospel to the souls who are still in the market place will remain the most important assignment God has for those who receive Christ Jesus as their Savior and Lord. This commission produces the greatest miracle of regeneration ever known to man. It’s far superior to the miracle of the Sun standing still, the red sea parting, the poor becoming rich and the dead coming back to life.

The wise counsel I was given many years back is this, “Don’t plan to execute the commission, just know His presence daily and follow His word as it resonates in your heart and do as His voice says. You don’t need a table and a secretary–just use you together with others who have His commission at the place you find yourself”. If you do this, you’re fulfilling destiny not that you’ll fulfill destiny because, to fulfill destiny, is to know Christ and walk with Him”.

“To fulfill destiny is to know Christ and walk with Him” Selah.