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How to Pray for Your Enemies

This excerpt is taken from “Nugget for the needy” written by Mavis duCille of blessed memory.

Let me share an experience with you. Someone had hurt us very badly by slander. Of course, I went to God weeping my heart out. The Lord said to me, so clearly, “Oh, you are so sorry for yourself, that you are not able to see the condition of that poor man. He must be in an awful state to cause him to do such a terrible thing to you.” What I saw then was a poor human being taken captive by demons, and manifesting the evil nature of the demons. Surely the man we knew and loved as a Holy Spirit baptized Christian was definitely a different person from the satanic manifestation which came against us. When “I,” “ME” and “MY” were out of the way, my eyes were opened and I began to see from the Mind of Christ. Then and only then I could pray for him. There I saw myself again; self-pity blinded my eyes so that I could not see the man’s great need. Whenever a person is spiritually bankrupt, God will always use another to pray and activate God’s forces of deliverance. On the other hand, the enemy will do anything to prevent this intercession. Satan very often causes the person in need of prayers to strike at the person who should pray for him/her. If this praying Christian can see beyond self-pity and his own pain through God’s eyes of compassion, then his/her suffering will be nothing compared to the deliverance of the soul in bondage. “If we suffer, we shall also reign with him,” 2 Timothy 2:12. No one can pray for his enemies unless he/she can see “the enemy” from the perspective of God. That day, as soon as my self-pity was rebuked by the Lord, my eyes were opened, and I could see the awful plight of another human being who needed deliverance. Dear ones, we must always be watching for the big “I,” “ME” and “MY” which rise up like mountains, always present to block our vision and cloud our minds from seeing and understanding the needs of those around us. May the Lord help us to prefer one another as brethren, and have compassion on all those who are taken captive by the enemy. We are all in battle against one common foe over whom Jesus Christ has had the victory once and for all, and has lifted us up together with Him so that we too might overcome. Oh, what a glorious day when the prince of this world will find nothing in us, because we continue to cast him out through the grace of God and the power of the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah. “Fight the good fight with all thy might Christ is thy strength and Christ thy light. Lay hold on life and it shall be Thy joy and crown eternally. Run the straight race through God’s good grace, Lift up thy eyes and seek His face. Life with its ways before us lie, Christ is thy truth and Christ thy guide. Faint not nor fear; His arms are near. He changes not for thou art dear. Only believe and thou shalt prove That Christ is all in all to thee.” Maranatha!

Hear the Holy Spirit

Listening to God


It is difficult to understand what is happening to this generation. We’re so blessed with eyes and ears but, we have refused to hear or see. There is something happening here besides pride and stubbornness.

There is a deafening and blinding cloud over the earth—this clouds lifts for us to hear and see only when, making economic progress is preached or written, when more ways for fleshly pleasure is invented for us and when new strategy for man to dominate man is written or being taught.

But, once it pertains to participation in Christ’s divine life which is superior and eternal, we become dull of hearing. As a result, inconsequential things that end when man dies seem to matter far more to majority of us Christians than ever before. Yet, we fervently claim, “This world is coming to an end”. It is a sure sign that we have lost the hope of eternity. We don’t truly believe that this world is coming to an end—not now or even in the future. It is just a religious slogan to hold cowards down. Really!

Christians use to be cowards to non-Christians but now, Christians who forget what is behind and set their eyes on the stature of Christ have become cowards to their fellow brothers—brothers who the god of this world has partially blinded Phil 3:13-16. Paul says, “And if in anything you think otherwise”, that is, you get partially blinded; the Holy Spirit not a brother or sister will reveal it to you.

Who will submit to God to be used to tell us that we’re in trouble if we carry on as things are presently? Hardly any!

No one wants to be torn to shreds. No one wants to be branded unforgiving, holier thou thy, divisive, brother or sister perfect, spooky, know it all, individualistic, wield, graceless, depressed, lonely, anti-social etc. Those who are nicknaming His remnant are unaware that God’s grace that is to be revealed at the appearing of the King of glory is drizzling.

His return is nearer now than ever before—it will soon rain.

The meeting of the former and latter rain is at hand. Just as the people of old who read the Torah did not believe it in their heart, so are MANY of us who read the bible today. They were caught unaware with the birth of the Messiah. They were not prepared for divine reality because they were engrossed with shadow. Though His words were gracious, it vexed and inflicted more pain and anguish on their souls far more than the systematic bondage the reigning temple high priest, chief priest, scribes, Pharisees and the Romans had them in.

Religiosity makes people murderers 1 John 3:15. Fortunately or unfortunately, religious people will always start their killings with their own people 1 Thess 2:15. They indeed murdered Christ—who can escape them!

The 66 books of the bible are awesome, wonderful and unique. But, the book of revelation—Oh, that book is indeed unique! It is in this book that a people clearly with ears are called to hear not what a prophet, apostle, teacher, evangelist or a shepherd is saying but, what THE HOLY SPIRIT IS SAYING. Destruction is sitting on the laps of those who have ears but can’t hear what the Spirit is saying.

Those who’re hearing what the Spirit of God is saying are also receiving the grace accompanying the trumpet sound. This is why the Holy Spirit dwells inside each believer.

There is a time frame in the scheme of the devil when his power will so assail this earth and make it so difficult outwardly to distinguish what comes from God and the things which are of the devil. Those who are not interacting with the Holy Spirit will be thoroughly defeated and destroyed. We’re in that period, a time many will call good evil and evil good.

A time of seared conscience is with us now. A time when after all said and nothing is done, making money is the bottom line– period! The spelling of the word success among God’s people is fast being subtly changed to m-o-n-e-y or c-a-s-h. Good is being branded stupid, uncivilized, and narrow minded and as a result, many are abandoning good for evil.

Unfortunately, for those who hold to the doctrine of Balaam, transferring the wealth of the ungodly to the godly is not the next thing in God’s agenda—don’t be fooled and don’t ever think you’re unfoolable. Safety is only found in giving your ears to the Holy Spirit—His Church will find grace! Amen. 1 Pet 4:19, Gal 6:9, Rom 2:7.

Simeon and Anna refused to be fooled by the deafening cloud of their time because they reserved their ears for the Holy Spirit Luke 2:25-27, 36-38.

It is imperative to note that the Prophetess was not divorced neither was she touring the earth jumping up and down on stages. She recognized that she was from the fading regime in which God allowed things to serve as shadow of the reality–that is, Christ Gal 5:25.

It is easy for us to misunderstand one another’s motives and so, refuse to listen to what God is saying to us through one another. God understands this possibility. However, when His Spirit speaks to us, is distinct, most forceful and gracious all in one. Therefore, we can’t be excused to think His Spirit is bias, jealous, unforgiving, not submitting, individualist et al.

Do you have ears?! Are you hearing what God is saying about eternity? What He is saying regarding today, the season mankind is at—this generation.

You and I need to hear it before we aspire to conquer our communities and the world for Him. Don’t just stream along with those who want to change the culture of their community and the world—a thing which even God has not succeeded to do because He is not looking to do so. He wants to wipe-out this earth and her disfigured values, culture, ethos, conventions and traditions once and forever.

And in its place, a new earth is fast coming—its culture has been determined from the beginning of time by the ancient of days Eph 2:10. The foundation of this culture is love.

John clarifies it in 2 John 1:6. Love is to walk in the things Christ or the Holy Spirit commands us—summed as one command—that is, to walk in it John 14:15. We obey what He says to us to do towards God and our fellow men.

Jesus Christ’s birth, sufferings, death and resurrection was given to us as a gift to SHOW mankind what a great price it cost to purchase the culture that will reign in the heavenly Jerusalem that is coming down to the earth. Mankind has seen it—that is, Christ’ stature (nature and attitude). All peoples are being invited to thirst and hunger for Him. Those who thirst are told “come and drink freely and you’ll never thirst again” because He will keep welling up in them to eternity. Those who refuse to thirst and who dislike and hate His stature, God says, ‘Destruction and gnashing of teeth awaits you’. Universalism or ultimate reconciliation floating in Christendom is foolery.

The world can end for you and me even sooner before the final collapse of the earth. Some of the richest, poorest, literates, illiterates, saints and sinners I’ve known or have heard about in the past four decades are no more on the earth with us. Their world ended—eternity opened facing them. Its reality is doubtless more real to them where they are now than the earth where we are. Selah!

Religious people have done God most disservice. See how He pays them back in Deut 30:19. What a Fatherly, loving and gracious advise! Who will you and I choose or, who have we chosen? Life and blessing (Christ) or, death and curse (Satan).

The Lion of the tribe of Judah is coming! Don’t be deceived! Surely He is coming. When is He coming? Oh, I wish I know. However, for the “one people” whom He is preparing on the earth, fire is devouring in front of them and behind them—they are increasingly beside themselves yet, as sane as sane could be. This “one people” BETROTHED to Him who’re scattered in the four corners of the ends of the earth are being moved by the Spirit of God from one degree of glory to another 2 Cor 3:18, 2 Thess 3:5.

Because of this blessing of His glory towards us who have fled to God for refuge, the Spirit revealed to Paul the apostle thus; “So let no one boast in men. For all things are yours, whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas or the world or life or death or the present or the future—all are yours, and you are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s” 1 Cor 3:21-23.

So, stop forcing yourselves to be mere human and listen to the Holy Spirit because, all things are working together for your good—you who love God and are called in Christ Jesus (the Purpose of God). Amen!


Amid Spiritual Darkness




Doubtless, man on earth is sailing through unprecedented spiritual darkness IN THIS AGE. It is not strange to those acquainted with their bible. The things prophesied by the prophets of God in the Old Testament as shadows are all finding their reality in Christ since His birth, death and resurrection as the King of glory, Lord of the heavens and the earth.

The economic crisis in the world today is child’s play compared to the spiritual crisis. It is no surprise that both are occurring almost simultaneously.

To inflict partial blindness to man, his attention must be directed away from what you don’t want him to see by focusing him on another thing. In this time, like never before, Church organizations are powerfully focusing man’s attention on materialism. The American Heritage Dictionary defines materialism as “The theory or attitude that physical well-being and worldly possessions constitute the greatest good and highest value in life.” How sad!

Except for benefit of hind-sight, some of us who refer to Job favorably would not. Many “powerful ministers” of God and those following their “mandate” still can’t get the lesson the Almighty God is teaching mankind—especially His people (the Church).

The lesson is crystal clear. That which is physical is temporal and that which is spiritual is eternal. What are the implications?

*The spiritual doesn’t die!

*The spiritual is superior to the physical which passes away like grass—blown away by the wind at God’s command. In the light of this, who does God consider as wise? The answer is obvious.

It is certainly not those with doctorate degrees, not those who know how to magnate cash, not the diplomat and not the minister who has more followers than Christ or who knows how to maintain his or her followers by making sure none escapes.

Rather, it is those who refuse to depart from the fear of the Lord! Those who truly recognize the Treasure the grace of God and faith has deposited inside them freely. Those who know that a farmyard is better than a barn and so are willing to sell the barn to purchase the farmyard.

It is those who know the difference between clay and God’s surpassing power that resides in the clay and give thanks and glory to Him who lives forever. It is those desiring to live forever with the Father of light and as such, affliction never crushes them neither does perplexity leave them in a state of despair.

It is those that persecution never discourages but rather leads them to remember that Christ never forsakes them. Those who are never surprised that they’re struck down because they know they can never be destroyed. So, they cling to the resurrection mystery and power working in them knowing THAT THROUGH IT ALONE, is the life of Christ Jesus produced in them; a life that serves as a blessing to many as are being saved.

Truly, the times are dark and the mighty is falling! The first are fast becoming the last—those who claim to love Christ are treating Him and His sheep most wickedly. Those who promised Jesus that they will be His temple are permitting devil’s to inhabit the same temple they turned over to Him 1 Cor 6:19.

When materialism takes over any individual or gathering of the Church, blindness takes them over. When blindness takes over, the sad signs are; much about Jesus, talk of love, grace, peace, prosperity, prayer and  holiness without any being present. Oh! How you and I must be sound in our judgement of these things and be sober minded! The benefit of sound judgment and soberness over these matters will surely lead us all to repentance and prayer 1 Pet 4:7.

Peter the Apostle said, ” the end of all things are at hand” can you and I appreciate what the Holy Spirit is saying to us as part of Christ’ body—the things that are temporal are closing down while, the Thing that is of God is exalted. Therefore, those associated with the Thing exalted are also being exalted or glorified Rom 8:17.

Now, because of the false doctrine that, ” poverty enhances godliness”, I’ll like to state that the suffering referenced in verse 17 of Romans 8 has nothing to do with lack of money though Paul suffered lack of money often times. The clues of how he solved money issues are found in Philippians 4:11-13 and Acts 18:3.

Poverty or riches have no power to enhance or deter godliness except the soul is sold to either rather than to Jesus Christ Acts 4:12.

Physical poverty and riches can only stop us from doing the many things WE WANT TO DO FOR GOD but, they can’t stop God from doing the things He wishes to do in us and through us. Selah

It is important for us to know that materialism is not just about money—it includes “Health & wealth, purpose & power, & getting the most out of this present life as Capt. George Perez puts it in his tweet of May 8, 2012, it has become the drawing cards of contemporary Christianity”. Observe the obsession with leadership or wanting to lead and encouragement to be a leader in modern Christianity. Note the focus; then go and STUDY the book of Acts and the deception upon us will be clear.

The Spirit of God says to all who have ears “hear what the Spirit says to the gathering of His people (Churches).

Refuse to be dominated and controlled by the mind set of, “let’s build a kingdom for God on earth”. The right thing is, “lets open up His temple 1 Cor 6:19, Matt 22:37-40 for Him—after-all, He purchased it with His own blood”. We must refuse for anything—not our jobs, wives and husbands, children, friends or parents, sin or Satan to dominate our thoughts Matt 6:21. Let it be Christ dominating and controlling us while we’re busy with the affairs we engage in—in this present temporal life that is fast passing away.

This year, a beloved brother and a dear friend of mine (Patrick Njoku) whom I believed will be with us on earth for many years to come was brutally murdered. I was gripped with sorrow and wept like a child—but, my Saviour and Lord Christ Jesus comforted me by the Holy Spirit and set me loose to a fresh joy, hope and strength. The earthly or temporal business God sent the brother to do on earth suddenly has closed down—indeed, all things temporal are fast closing down.

Therefore, we’re persuaded by the Holy Spirit to give more attention to the things that will never close down. Set not your affection on treasures that close down. Set your heart on the Treasure that remains forever.

Phil Driscoll puts it like this in His song, “Christ remains“. Through every chaos and storm, Christ still remains. What does He remain doing? Watching over His sheep in life and in sleep! What shall we say concerning such a Messiah but to call Him Immanuel. Amen

God has told us that, “Even our ability to prophesy His word, speak in tongues and teach it which is only in part will pass away” much less our varied mundane abilities and possessions.

Only Love will stand and those inside Love because Love has no end 1 John 4:8, 1 Cor 13:8-9, 13.  Paul tells us, ‘ that childish ways are associated with children but, the mature give it up’. Children think temporally but the mature look into the future knowing that better things lie ahead. Things that God knows we don’t and it causes the matured to always look to the face of Christ Who only, is the revelation of God’s wonderful purpose.

Wherever God is there is love—and where love is, there is no selfish ambition! Where there is selfish ambition, Love can’t be found there—what is found is every manner of evil! By this, a wise person will judge himself or herself and their environment James 3:16.

The aim of this post is to call your mind to meditate upon Christ not some days but all the days of your life. May the grace and word of Christ cause an increasing measure of this flame in me, in you and ultimately in His Church. Amen

If superstores are posting profit and growth amid the present economic upheaval, those that are heaven bound can grow too in the stature of Christ amid the spiritual darkness. This is the ultimate purpose of God for His Church.


Mystery of the Last Days

The last days speak about the early days—simply put, they reveal what has been or concealed in the early days Eccl 1:9-10, Luke 12:2-3NLT. For this reason, the last days are no different from the early days except, that the force of evil that has been working undercurrent is now working overtly with such onslaught and affecting people which hitherto, it had not gained power over. This is creating a visible rampant evil on a scale that will keep astounding man.

In these times, the mountain of the Lord’s house (the Spirit of Christ in His body) will be exalted above all mountains (the devil and the prophet he uses to deceive) and the hills (devils) Isaiah 2:2. Why? Well, God loves man and the evils of the devil do not affect Him. So, His light shines ever brighter in darkness to give light and life to those crying out for light. It’s a time, when the song below will be a daily cry of His body.

We place you on the highest place
For you are the great High Priest
We place you far above all else, all else;
And we come to you
And worship at your feet

Manifest evil
The deadly forces that saturate the atmosphere seeking abode in bodies (temples) will create inability to love and perpetuate love on the earth. It will be extremely difficult to love because man is fast approaching his (man) fullness. Man’s love is not in God! Actually, the love man has in himself is evil. If given room; it exhibits Gal 5:19-21, Col 3:5-9NLT which are the fruits of devils. The only way to deal with it is to put it to death. A summary of the things to put to death are; desire for power, money and sex. But, the problem is this; these three things are what man lives his life for on earth. Man cannot, without transformation, live any differently.

So, who will help man with this transformation that will change man’s heart and consequently his lifestyle from being governed by these three monstrous evil forces?  Obviously, it is not religion, which has failed woefully not to talk of its politics. Yet, we are expressly told that the mountain of God (the Creator of the world and mankind will be exalted in the midst of the earth). How?

We find the answer in the prophecy in Psalm 85:10-11NKJV. Because of the awesome grace of God, the salvation of God has come near to all who fear or reverence God. What does it mean to reverence God? It is not to turn to folly because the foolish always say in their heart, “there is no God” meaning, there is no love. And when man assures himself that there is no love, man becomes deadly.

Let’s think of it, when man believes that his fellow man hates him and is plotting his destruction, his next natural instinct is to destroy his fellow man first. This is what the end times are all about—time when man has seen it all—that man is full of evil.  Senseless murder has characterized the experience of man. Hypocrisy is at its apex with all religions Luke 12:1. Religion itself has increasingly become a weapon not just for mass destruction but also, used secretly by religions to lure one another towards destructive behavior as to appear better than one another. It all boils down to the devil and the prophet he uses to deceive man to live for—power, money and sex (a striving after wind).

To reverence God is to have love. What or Who is love? Love is the Spirit of God, the Spirit that works in the Truth. The Truth which, transforms or germinates righteousness (God’s will) or its fruit in the earth Gal 5:22-24.

In 2 Tim 3:1-5, the Spirit of the Creator—that is, the Holy Spirit says, “many a man will love everything except God” paraphrased. Verse 5 is remarkable, note what it says, “having a form of reverence for God or, a seemingly love but not God’s kind” paraphrased. When man lives for power, money and sex, he defends himself by saying, “we must not let our lives waste, and we must make success out of it”. To make “success”, is more important than seeking “good success or possessing the soul” (Luke 21:19NLT, Mark 8:36) so, if pursuing “good success” challenges, “our making it here and now”, to be wise, we choose the “now success or possessing the world” which we can see with our eyes, feel and touch. That is to say, sensuality is better and more real than God (Love).

Therefore, the mountain of God is causing the Lord’s house (body of Christ or the remnant of God) by miraculous deliverance to see God as more real and better than sensuality. This is the mount that God says, “He will exalt above other mountains”. In these last days, the remnant or the body of Christ (not church organizations), will live in mercy and truth, in righteousness and peace which is coming down from heaven because of the slain Lamb. The Lamb of God that sprung from the earth or resurrected is drawing all peoples irrespective of race, religion, power, economic or sexual orientation to Himself. What is being said is this, it is time for man to abandon who he is (hater of God) and truly accept the gift God has offered for man and is still offering to man.

Man is increasingly seeing God as the one to blame for mankind woes. So then, we want to take control of Him and control Him. That isn’t going to happen! We (man), must humble ourselves before the almighty or we die!

The end times or last days is a time man is brought to a high awareness that he is not in control of the world and the world cannot satisfy man. All the wars man has ever fought and will ever fight has not and will not compare to that which is ongoing now more than ever before in the realms of the spirit.

So, God is shinning His light ever brighter that it might attract and lead YOU and I to His secret pavilion. All who refuse His pavilion will grow in the pursuit of power, money and sex unavoidably. It does not mean anyone person will be swallowed by all three, though it is a possibility but, the Spirit expressly says in 1 Tim 3:1 & 4 that, “those will be lovers of self and haters of God” paraphrased.

We are in a time when the love of many is waxing cold!! Love is being reciprocated with senseless and rampant evil. How to please man has become a puzzle! Evil is sincerely seen as good and good as evil. Man’s focus for progress has seized him so much so that he doesn’t care about the source from which it is achieved.

Anything or person who gives progress, advancement, moving forward, maintains man’s reputation or helps him stay on his high horse becomes the god who deserves man’s worship.

If you and I examine ourselves to discover what consumes our thoughts in the day and at night, we’ll immediately discover if gods or God is the person we’re with. Those with God, their mind is increasingly set on eternal things while using earthly things (because they are not of the world John 17:16) while those with gods, their minds are increasing set on the earth so much, even when eternal things come to their minds, it is examined as to how it could be used to accomplish the earthy (because they are of the world John 8:23) See Rom 8:5.

Those who worship in spirit and truth (those with God) are increasingly finding grace to love their spouse against all odds as God commanded while those being caught with the merciless deadly spirit of the time are increasingly hating their spouse and thinking to break their vows to God. Those who hate their spouses or even their enemies hate the bride of Christ. Those who truly love Christ’s bride can love their enemies and spouses—it is easier by far! For, with the spirit nothing is impossible. It enables those He indwells to do all things Heb 4:16, Luke 1:37.

These last days are times when men who truly have God will take on women as wives, show them the love of Christ, cherish and care for them as Christ cares for His bride. And, women who truly have Christ will take on men as husbands showing them Christ’s love, submission and help. We are speaking about sincere intimacy in marriage which glorifies God. An intimacy learnt from that which we have with Christ.

The end time war is a battle of love. Will you love self, things, the devil or God? It is only through loving God that man can learn to submit self (Matt 22:37, Rom 12:1-2), use things properly and proportionately seeing them as only temporary. When the gospel is proclaimed, it ALWAYS orders God’s scale of preference rightly no matter the topic taught. See 1 Cor 15: 1-58.

If you harbor bitterness for anyone with or without a reason, now is the time to save your life— repent and forgive, being as wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove (Phil 2:12). Don’t do lovely things to authenticate your love rather, let the love in your heart authenticate the lovely things you do (1 Cor 13:3).

We are in a time when praise and worship will completely cease to be an invocation and turn to entertainment. A time when the uncompromisingly righteous will remain so and the lovers of self will rather die than repent. Therefore, let no one deceive you with false alerts of peace.

Many anti-Christs are with us now. The sign is this, false teachers and prophets who ALWAYS reverse the order of God’s scale of preference are now reigning. They can’t help but to prophesy lies no matter how hard they try because the devil ensures it. They entice the saints saying, “rise up now, we’re going to take over this present world and reign as governors, heads of leading industries, become millionaires and billionaires, heads of states (not presidents since no one will elect them and their world-wide congregation are not big enough to give them majority vote). They say, don’t let your dream die the death, you’re destined for greatness! Pluck peace to yourself! Meanwhile, they don’t understand the meaning of destiny and the people who are earnestly wanting to pluck greatness and peace grossly lack any INTIMACY with the Great I Am neither do they seek diligently the Prince of peace who gives peace in the heart, in the home and in His ministry in the lives of those He assigns to take His great words and peace to the world. When God speaks to His house, He turns His people’s heart away from these distractions.

Anyone who is in darkness is being held captive by the devil wrongly because the price for your freedom has been paid by Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection. Therefore, cry out loud to Him for help and you shall be saved Matt 4:16-17. The end times are times when all nations, peoples of all religions are to abandon graven images and flow to Him (the Spirit of Christ).

Is Christ alive in you?! Is His measure growing in you?! The end time is a time of fanning! Let the degree of glory to which the Spirit of Christ has worked in and brought you to radiate His presence inviting those you go to and those that come to you to think upon Christ Jesus 2 Cor 3:18, Luke 9:6, Acts 28:23-24, 4:12.

Get ready to go to those God will send you to to preach the gospel and be prepared to receive those that God is drawing to Christ who need to hear His words that will convince them to believe in Christ and receive true regeneration.

Beautiful times has come to man on the earth in the midst of gross darkness and God’s wrath will soon follow. Therefore, every man must escape to the pavilion of God on their knees, set their hearts to meditation on the word of God and obedience to His word to love Him and fellow men.


The Devil’s Aim, God’s Purpose

The Devil’s Aim, God’s Purpose

Copy of New Picture (12)John 10:10a, highlights the tactics the devil impores in an attempt to achieve his aim. The tactics are, “to steal, kill and destroy” but, we are not to let him succeed 1 Pet 5:8- 9NLT. However, if we are honest, he succeeds often times with his mischief concerning the things we own that are temporal or perishable e.g., ill health, death of our loved ones, divorces, failures of various kinds etc. The boat Paul the Apostle was travelling in was destroyed Acts 27:22 and eventually he was killed by the hands of wicked people as were Peter, Stephen and others. But, these things are not what matters the most in believers lives. He steals, and kills and destroys but, see Matt 10:28NLT.

What does the devil really intend to achieve by stealing, killing and destroying given that believers in Christ are admonished in the scriptures to hold loosely (not carelessly) to perishable things including their mortal life? Mark 8:35, Luke 12:15, 17:33. The rendition of these passages ties our earthly possessions to our mortal lives—that’s to say, they’re intertwined. It’s somewhat scary when examined closely. It means that, no matter how much we read the bible, fast and pray, the loss of material possessions can affect our mortal lives to the extent of threatening our incorruptible life if we’ve not been detached from them in our souls! This intertwinement sheds light on why we must surrender our earthly possessions at God’s feet just as we’ve done with our lives; and bless Him as we’re prompted in our hearts. All our earthly possessions are gotten with the life and grace he has given to us and the Spirit of grace is the spirit of generosity.

Therefore, the more grace we get, the more our minds are circumcised, renewed and devoted—resulting to us becoming more generous (more willing to and actually parting with temporal things whether with joy or pain). And we can be at peace even when the devil steals from us. So, the worship of God involves not just giving of ourselves but also, our time, money or produce (fruit of our labour). Those who practice the Old Testament now, give as those under the law (their choice) while those in the New Testament now, give as those under grace.

To scripturally answer the question as to the aim of the devil in destroying the perishable possessions of believers,  we need to contrast it with the core of what Jesus came to give to those who will believe in Him—see John 10:10b. We recognize that he also destroys the possessions of those who’re not believers. He does it in order to keep them blinded, unconcerned about their souls, occupied only with the affairs of this present life and possibly grieve their spirit to force them to exhibit his nature of cruelty, bitterness, hatred, and jealousy towards others. And even murder and suicide. Also, to prompt them to worship him for protection—unwise move! Seeking protection from the one whose nature is to steal, kill and destroy.

But, for believers, much more than trying to resurrect their sinful desires which belonged to their Old nature Eph 2:3 that has died and buried with Christ, he seeks to rob them of the very Life of Christ which is their hope of glory 1 Col 1:27.

While it is indisputable that God protects the life and possessions of believers Job 1:10, we know that their properties can be destroyed and they can even be killed irrespective of them having received life in abundance from Christ Jesus. When this happens, God does not consider it that the devil has accomplished anything significant and this should be the attitude of all who believe in the gospel. This is the maturity God is calling all believers to!

The thing that is valuable in a believer’s life in God’s sight is what the devil is targeting by coming to steal, kill and destroy. And it’s the Life, yes; the abundant life of God that Christ came to give man.

Job’s story sheds light on this. Unfortunately, to Job’s wife, like many of us today, she equated “God’s life” in her husband as a mere thing not worth fighting for with all he has got and even with his very own life Job 2:9. Everyone who shares in Job’s wife’s low view of God’s life will have nothing but empty or fair weather Christianity which is rampant today! The devil seems to know the value of this “Treasure of God” in us better than many of us. And if this remains the case, our worship will remain a mere religion which is earth bound 1 Cor 15:19. This explains the attractive prosperity false gospel derailing multitudes today!

The devil wanted to use stealing, killing and destroying of Job’s physical possessions and his temporal body to reach his immortal life or Faith (life of God) in him. And, the devil has not changed his tactics and will not! Our only safeguard is to love Christ above all else Matt 10:37-38.

So, how much value do YOU place on this “Treasure” you’ve freely received? Eph 2:8, 2 Cor 4:7. Hold your answer in your heart with great humility and if there is need to repent, let us do so and go to the throne of grace with a fresh determination to bear His yoke and enjoy His light. We need to constantly remind ourselves that, though our salvation has been freely given, its cost to God is staggering—He paid for you and me with His blood. In economics, we say, “The cost of a thing indicates its value” Selah!

If indeed, you have the Treasure (Christ), remain or abide in and with Him no matter what comes your way. The Faith is not for getting things though He gives us things— His core purpose is to secure and lead we believers back safely to our creator. But, be aware! Some will fail to return back home (Heaven) but will lose their way or stray away and end in the prison designed for Satan and his cohorts. God preserves but we must persevere to the end of our mortal lives or till Christ’s return. The grace has been given to all believers and more is readily available at His throne of mercy and grace for when we’re in need.

So, no one should dare treat God like a rag because of their belief in “once saved, forever saved.” Satan entered Judas at some point John 13:27 and if you think it’s an isolated case, note that he also entered Ananias at some point Acts 5:3 and read carefully 1 Tim 5:11-12 & 15. These people mentioned, were they not believers in Christ?

This whole journey of salvation starts as a gift and will end only as a gift.

But, as a people given a gift, if only we’ll treasure Him as nearly as we carefully treasure our temporal lives and possessions, His abundant life will stop being just something to read in the pages of His book (bible) but, indeed, it’ll be His rich life to be tasted. It is in understanding and participating or experiencing all the good things (imperishable and invisible divine nature) we have in Christ that we come to place Him in the highest place in our lives Philemon 1:6NLT. In it, we become immovable and always abounding in His work wherever we are.

He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.'” Rev 3:22, Isa 55:1-13.

Persevere and hold on to the faith till the end! Heb 12:2NLT.