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Hear the Holy Spirit

Listening to God


It is difficult to understand what is happening to this generation. We’re so blessed with eyes and ears but, we have refused to hear or see. There is something happening here besides pride and stubbornness.

There is a deafening and blinding cloud over the earth—this clouds lifts for us to hear and see only when, making economic progress is preached or written, when more ways for fleshly pleasure is invented for us and when new strategy for man to dominate man is written or being taught.

But, once it pertains to participation in Christ’s divine life which is superior and eternal, we become dull of hearing. As a result, inconsequential things that end when man dies seem to matter far more to majority of us Christians than ever before. Yet, we fervently claim, “This world is coming to an end”. It is a sure sign that we have lost the hope of eternity. We don’t truly believe that this world is coming to an end—not now or even in the future. It is just a religious slogan to hold cowards down. Really!

Christians use to be cowards to non-Christians but now, Christians who forget what is behind and set their eyes on the stature of Christ have become cowards to their fellow brothers—brothers who the god of this world has partially blinded Phil 3:13-16. Paul says, “And if in anything you think otherwise”, that is, you get partially blinded; the Holy Spirit not a brother or sister will reveal it to you.

Who will submit to God to be used to tell us that we’re in trouble if we carry on as things are presently? Hardly any!

No one wants to be torn to shreds. No one wants to be branded unforgiving, holier thou thy, divisive, brother or sister perfect, spooky, know it all, individualistic, wield, graceless, depressed, lonely, anti-social etc. Those who are nicknaming His remnant are unaware that God’s grace that is to be revealed at the appearing of the King of glory is drizzling.

His return is nearer now than ever before—it will soon rain.

The meeting of the former and latter rain is at hand. Just as the people of old who read the Torah did not believe it in their heart, so are MANY of us who read the bible today. They were caught unaware with the birth of the Messiah. They were not prepared for divine reality because they were engrossed with shadow. Though His words were gracious, it vexed and inflicted more pain and anguish on their souls far more than the systematic bondage the reigning temple high priest, chief priest, scribes, Pharisees and the Romans had them in.

Religiosity makes people murderers 1 John 3:15. Fortunately or unfortunately, religious people will always start their killings with their own people 1 Thess 2:15. They indeed murdered Christ—who can escape them!

The 66 books of the bible are awesome, wonderful and unique. But, the book of revelation—Oh, that book is indeed unique! It is in this book that a people clearly with ears are called to hear not what a prophet, apostle, teacher, evangelist or a shepherd is saying but, what THE HOLY SPIRIT IS SAYING. Destruction is sitting on the laps of those who have ears but can’t hear what the Spirit is saying.

Those who’re hearing what the Spirit of God is saying are also receiving the grace accompanying the trumpet sound. This is why the Holy Spirit dwells inside each believer.

There is a time frame in the scheme of the devil when his power will so assail this earth and make it so difficult outwardly to distinguish what comes from God and the things which are of the devil. Those who are not interacting with the Holy Spirit will be thoroughly defeated and destroyed. We’re in that period, a time many will call good evil and evil good.

A time of seared conscience is with us now. A time when after all said and nothing is done, making money is the bottom line– period! The spelling of the word success among God’s people is fast being subtly changed to m-o-n-e-y or c-a-s-h. Good is being branded stupid, uncivilized, and narrow minded and as a result, many are abandoning good for evil.

Unfortunately, for those who hold to the doctrine of Balaam, transferring the wealth of the ungodly to the godly is not the next thing in God’s agenda—don’t be fooled and don’t ever think you’re unfoolable. Safety is only found in giving your ears to the Holy Spirit—His Church will find grace! Amen. 1 Pet 4:19, Gal 6:9, Rom 2:7.

Simeon and Anna refused to be fooled by the deafening cloud of their time because they reserved their ears for the Holy Spirit Luke 2:25-27, 36-38.

It is imperative to note that the Prophetess was not divorced neither was she touring the earth jumping up and down on stages. She recognized that she was from the fading regime in which God allowed things to serve as shadow of the reality–that is, Christ Gal 5:25.

It is easy for us to misunderstand one another’s motives and so, refuse to listen to what God is saying to us through one another. God understands this possibility. However, when His Spirit speaks to us, is distinct, most forceful and gracious all in one. Therefore, we can’t be excused to think His Spirit is bias, jealous, unforgiving, not submitting, individualist et al.

Do you have ears?! Are you hearing what God is saying about eternity? What He is saying regarding today, the season mankind is at—this generation.

You and I need to hear it before we aspire to conquer our communities and the world for Him. Don’t just stream along with those who want to change the culture of their community and the world—a thing which even God has not succeeded to do because He is not looking to do so. He wants to wipe-out this earth and her disfigured values, culture, ethos, conventions and traditions once and forever.

And in its place, a new earth is fast coming—its culture has been determined from the beginning of time by the ancient of days Eph 2:10. The foundation of this culture is love.

John clarifies it in 2 John 1:6. Love is to walk in the things Christ or the Holy Spirit commands us—summed as one command—that is, to walk in it John 14:15. We obey what He says to us to do towards God and our fellow men.

Jesus Christ’s birth, sufferings, death and resurrection was given to us as a gift to SHOW mankind what a great price it cost to purchase the culture that will reign in the heavenly Jerusalem that is coming down to the earth. Mankind has seen it—that is, Christ’ stature (nature and attitude). All peoples are being invited to thirst and hunger for Him. Those who thirst are told “come and drink freely and you’ll never thirst again” because He will keep welling up in them to eternity. Those who refuse to thirst and who dislike and hate His stature, God says, ‘Destruction and gnashing of teeth awaits you’. Universalism or ultimate reconciliation floating in Christendom is foolery.

The world can end for you and me even sooner before the final collapse of the earth. Some of the richest, poorest, literates, illiterates, saints and sinners I’ve known or have heard about in the past four decades are no more on the earth with us. Their world ended—eternity opened facing them. Its reality is doubtless more real to them where they are now than the earth where we are. Selah!

Religious people have done God most disservice. See how He pays them back in Deut 30:19. What a Fatherly, loving and gracious advise! Who will you and I choose or, who have we chosen? Life and blessing (Christ) or, death and curse (Satan).

The Lion of the tribe of Judah is coming! Don’t be deceived! Surely He is coming. When is He coming? Oh, I wish I know. However, for the “one people” whom He is preparing on the earth, fire is devouring in front of them and behind them—they are increasingly beside themselves yet, as sane as sane could be. This “one people” BETROTHED to Him who’re scattered in the four corners of the ends of the earth are being moved by the Spirit of God from one degree of glory to another 2 Cor 3:18, 2 Thess 3:5.

Because of this blessing of His glory towards us who have fled to God for refuge, the Spirit revealed to Paul the apostle thus; “So let no one boast in men. For all things are yours, whether Paul or Apollos or Cephas or the world or life or death or the present or the future—all are yours, and you are Christ’s, and Christ is God’s” 1 Cor 3:21-23.

So, stop forcing yourselves to be mere human and listen to the Holy Spirit because, all things are working together for your good—you who love God and are called in Christ Jesus (the Purpose of God). Amen!


Godliness and Good Conscience

We live in a world where political and religious correctness (ethical righteousness) is increasingly becoming more important than godliness and good conscience. As such, godly people face the danger of failing to pursue good conscience towards God first and then man (Acts 23:1, 24:16).

Pursuing good conscience towards God entails:

    • Consistent study of God’s word
    • Believing His word
    • Trusting God’s will and purpose to take precedence over our motives
    • Examining our motives in the light of God’s word and submitting it to align with His purpose
    • Obeying His voice

Doing the above is not easy for “self” but knowing that His purpose always works out far better than ours should be encouraging to us coupled with the fact that the conscience of the godly is strengthened by his knowledge of and obedience to God.

To follow good conscience towards man, every effort needs to be made to adhere to various ethical codes of conducts as it applies to different people (1 Cor 9:20).

However, it is worth emphasizing that God’s voice to His Children governs them on how they navigate the issues of ethical righteousness.

God loves all people and as such His will pilots us to treat others with the following attitudes:

        • Sincere love
        • Praying for others
        • Speaking the truth of God’s word to others
        • Helping others in their time of need
        • Not lying or slandering others
        • Giving others due respect
        • Respecting others convictions
        • Being patient
        • Making sacrifice at ones expense for others good
        • Not being vengeful

Again, the above are contrary to “self” but, submitting ourselves to God to work out these virtues in us is most rewarding as it keeps our consciences pure.

The bible (inerrant word of God) defines righteousness in two ways:

            • To believe God (James 2:23, Rom 4:23-24) and to believe in Jesus (Rom 3:22, 4:5)
            • Doing what is right ethically (1 John 3:7)

Godliness and righteousness are great blessings but God invites us to be painstaking in upholding a good conscience towards Him and our fellow man. It unleashes God’s favour and defends us as we present the gospel to the world 1 Peter 3:15-16.

Neglecting it is dangerous 1 Tim 1:19. Good conscience is a safe pilot of our faith.


Healthy Christian Growth

The secret to healthy Christian growth lies with recognizing, keeping in mind at all times what Christ has done in you, doing in you and for you Col 3:2, Rom 8:5-6.

What He has done in you?
Regeneration- Salvation

This fundamental gift, has been received because of our belief in Christ’ sacrifice that jump started our relationship with God. God commands man to worship Him in spirit and in truth but without the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ it would have been impossible Mark 10:27.

By His gift of regeneration (Christ coming to indwell in your heart), you  have been forgiven the sin (Adamic sin) and your sins. You have now been presented to God blameless before the mercy seat called the throne of grace or the holy of holies where only the high priests in the Old Testament could appear. And, they could only enter after many sacrifices, obedience to the law and a rope tied around his waist. A lot of “work” had to be done by the high priests. This is appearing before God by works.

Yet, the high priests was not totally accepted by God because their purification was done with a less than a perfect blood which, had to be repeated over and over again Heb 10:1. This cleansed their outward sins but “the sin nature” was still there. Their consciences were not sprinkled Heb 9:9. They didn’t experience regeneration. They needed Christ! Yes, a Savior.

All the high priests who died before Christ’s sacrifice, waited for Christ to come down to Hades to save them. Praise God for his faithfulness! Jesus did after His sacrificial death and eventual resurrection.

You and I have not worked hard for our salvation (regeneration) we have only received this gift by His grace through His gift of faith Heb 9:14. This call for joyful dancing more than gaining the whole world Matt 16:26. Christ has taken you into the most holy place as the new and true high priest forever.

What He is doing in you:
Teaching and Propitiating

Through the Holy Spirit, He is teaching those He has brought into the father’s presence how to imitate Him to love the father. He is not bringing ungrateful and rebellious people into God’s presence—those who will live without loving God. Remember that the conscience of the old high priests, the priests and all the people was not sprinkled clean but ours is and it affords us grace in an increasing measure to love (fellowship intimately) with God as He desires.

Recall that rope was tied around the waist of the high priest when he must appear before God in the most holy place. This signifies the law of commandments reminding him to tip toe and obey without any possibility of mistakes or sinning else he dies instantly. This is so because the sacrifice he did before entering God’s presence covered him only once—it did not continue to propitiate while he is in God’s presence.

But, in your case and mine, the once sacrifice of Christ, presents us totally accepted and yet continue to propitiate for us. Praise and thanks be to God! Therefore, the new rope (law of the Spirit of life-Jesus Christ Rom 8:2) is still around our waist not as a law of commandments by which we may die and be drawn out but rather, as a lamp to our feet– teaching, reminding and enabling us to walk in love with our God and with men Mark 12: 30-31, Gal 6:10. All of these, bring the fulfillment of Deut 6:5-6 in the heart of those regenerated in Christ Jesus John 4:23-24 .

See what great and awesome thing Jesus has done for you and me. His power is exploding inside us (His people) and, if we don’t grieve the Holy Spirit—He’ll live out the beauty of Christ through us. The devil cannot stop it but we surely can by having no regards for His Treasure in us. That is the reason we’re admonished not to grieve or deny Christ. How will you respond?

What did God require from the high priests and all who could appear before Him?

You shall love the lord your God with ALL your heart, your soul and body. Jesus Christ did exactly that! Submitted His spirit, soul and body to God on our behalf so that He might bring many sons (those who will submit spirit, soul and body) to God because of their love for God. A love the power of Christ has put in their hearts towards God. This is a love that utterly hates darkness and actively resist it.

When God demanded love from His people, He actually demanded many things e.g., patience, kindness, hope, justice, long suffering, endurance in faith, truth, humility and casting off of jealousy, boasting, pride, rudeness, irritability, and unforgiveness 1 Cor 13:4-7. The core that holds those things together is this “does not demand its own way” (1 Cor 13:5) but follow after the way of the Spirit (which  love) Rom 8:6. It will mean, when the Holy Spirit says to us to react in this way or that way, we will obey without minding how it makes us feel or appear in the eyes of others.

The way of our soul (self), must surrender to His way and ways. This is the reason Christ has sprinkled our consciences. Pure conscience exudes the grace of God.

When we unwisely relate the great passage on love in 1 Cor 13 to only our human relationships and leave out God who is our first love, we end up with our own interpretation of what love is and use it as a weapon for selfishness, trickery and sin.

If we fail to practice those virtues towards God, we cannot practice it rightly towards men.

Therefore, we can see the following counsel from 1 Cor 13 for a healthy growth:

1. Be patient with God for His due season to fulfill the things He has promised.
2. Trust in Him at all times under every circumstance.
4. Don’t be rude to God. We don’t nickname Him (the man upstairs).
3. Walk humbly with God.
4. Forgive God. This may sound funny but many get mad with God Luke 7:23.
5. Set self aside— give up your own ways for His ways.

He that loves God abandons his or her own way of doing things and aligns to God’s way. This leaves us with a total dependency on God which is, exactly what He wants from every one of His sons. Those who grow in this, God call them friends.

With fresh understanding, let us apply 1 Cor 13 to our relationship with God and then to the household of faith and beyond. This way, we will be in for a great season of faith, hope and love that last forever 1 Cor 13:13. Amen