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Mystery of the Last Days

The last days speak about the early days—simply put, they reveal what has been or concealed in the early days Eccl 1:9-10, Luke 12:2-3NLT. For this reason, the last days are no different from the early days except, that the force of evil that has been working undercurrent is now working overtly with such onslaught and affecting people which hitherto, it had not gained power over. This is creating a visible rampant evil on a scale that will keep astounding man.

In these times, the mountain of the Lord’s house (the Spirit of Christ in His body) will be exalted above all mountains (the devil and the prophet he uses to deceive) and the hills (devils) Isaiah 2:2. Why? Well, God loves man and the evils of the devil do not affect Him. So, His light shines ever brighter in darkness to give light and life to those crying out for light. It’s a time, when the song below will be a daily cry of His body.

We place you on the highest place
For you are the great High Priest
We place you far above all else, all else;
And we come to you
And worship at your feet

Manifest evil
The deadly forces that saturate the atmosphere seeking abode in bodies (temples) will create inability to love and perpetuate love on the earth. It will be extremely difficult to love because man is fast approaching his (man) fullness. Man’s love is not in God! Actually, the love man has in himself is evil. If given room; it exhibits Gal 5:19-21, Col 3:5-9NLT which are the fruits of devils. The only way to deal with it is to put it to death. A summary of the things to put to death are; desire for power, money and sex. But, the problem is this; these three things are what man lives his life for on earth. Man cannot, without transformation, live any differently.

So, who will help man with this transformation that will change man’s heart and consequently his lifestyle from being governed by these three monstrous evil forces?  Obviously, it is not religion, which has failed woefully not to talk of its politics. Yet, we are expressly told that the mountain of God (the Creator of the world and mankind will be exalted in the midst of the earth). How?

We find the answer in the prophecy in Psalm 85:10-11NKJV. Because of the awesome grace of God, the salvation of God has come near to all who fear or reverence God. What does it mean to reverence God? It is not to turn to folly because the foolish always say in their heart, “there is no God” meaning, there is no love. And when man assures himself that there is no love, man becomes deadly.

Let’s think of it, when man believes that his fellow man hates him and is plotting his destruction, his next natural instinct is to destroy his fellow man first. This is what the end times are all about—time when man has seen it all—that man is full of evil.  Senseless murder has characterized the experience of man. Hypocrisy is at its apex with all religions Luke 12:1. Religion itself has increasingly become a weapon not just for mass destruction but also, used secretly by religions to lure one another towards destructive behavior as to appear better than one another. It all boils down to the devil and the prophet he uses to deceive man to live for—power, money and sex (a striving after wind).

To reverence God is to have love. What or Who is love? Love is the Spirit of God, the Spirit that works in the Truth. The Truth which, transforms or germinates righteousness (God’s will) or its fruit in the earth Gal 5:22-24.

In 2 Tim 3:1-5, the Spirit of the Creator—that is, the Holy Spirit says, “many a man will love everything except God” paraphrased. Verse 5 is remarkable, note what it says, “having a form of reverence for God or, a seemingly love but not God’s kind” paraphrased. When man lives for power, money and sex, he defends himself by saying, “we must not let our lives waste, and we must make success out of it”. To make “success”, is more important than seeking “good success or possessing the soul” (Luke 21:19NLT, Mark 8:36) so, if pursuing “good success” challenges, “our making it here and now”, to be wise, we choose the “now success or possessing the world” which we can see with our eyes, feel and touch. That is to say, sensuality is better and more real than God (Love).

Therefore, the mountain of God is causing the Lord’s house (body of Christ or the remnant of God) by miraculous deliverance to see God as more real and better than sensuality. This is the mount that God says, “He will exalt above other mountains”. In these last days, the remnant or the body of Christ (not church organizations), will live in mercy and truth, in righteousness and peace which is coming down from heaven because of the slain Lamb. The Lamb of God that sprung from the earth or resurrected is drawing all peoples irrespective of race, religion, power, economic or sexual orientation to Himself. What is being said is this, it is time for man to abandon who he is (hater of God) and truly accept the gift God has offered for man and is still offering to man.

Man is increasingly seeing God as the one to blame for mankind woes. So then, we want to take control of Him and control Him. That isn’t going to happen! We (man), must humble ourselves before the almighty or we die!

The end times or last days is a time man is brought to a high awareness that he is not in control of the world and the world cannot satisfy man. All the wars man has ever fought and will ever fight has not and will not compare to that which is ongoing now more than ever before in the realms of the spirit.

So, God is shinning His light ever brighter that it might attract and lead YOU and I to His secret pavilion. All who refuse His pavilion will grow in the pursuit of power, money and sex unavoidably. It does not mean anyone person will be swallowed by all three, though it is a possibility but, the Spirit expressly says in 1 Tim 3:1 & 4 that, “those will be lovers of self and haters of God” paraphrased.

We are in a time when the love of many is waxing cold!! Love is being reciprocated with senseless and rampant evil. How to please man has become a puzzle! Evil is sincerely seen as good and good as evil. Man’s focus for progress has seized him so much so that he doesn’t care about the source from which it is achieved.

Anything or person who gives progress, advancement, moving forward, maintains man’s reputation or helps him stay on his high horse becomes the god who deserves man’s worship.

If you and I examine ourselves to discover what consumes our thoughts in the day and at night, we’ll immediately discover if gods or God is the person we’re with. Those with God, their mind is increasingly set on eternal things while using earthly things (because they are not of the world John 17:16) while those with gods, their minds are increasing set on the earth so much, even when eternal things come to their minds, it is examined as to how it could be used to accomplish the earthy (because they are of the world John 8:23) See Rom 8:5.

Those who worship in spirit and truth (those with God) are increasingly finding grace to love their spouse against all odds as God commanded while those being caught with the merciless deadly spirit of the time are increasingly hating their spouse and thinking to break their vows to God. Those who hate their spouses or even their enemies hate the bride of Christ. Those who truly love Christ’s bride can love their enemies and spouses—it is easier by far! For, with the spirit nothing is impossible. It enables those He indwells to do all things Heb 4:16, Luke 1:37.

These last days are times when men who truly have God will take on women as wives, show them the love of Christ, cherish and care for them as Christ cares for His bride. And, women who truly have Christ will take on men as husbands showing them Christ’s love, submission and help. We are speaking about sincere intimacy in marriage which glorifies God. An intimacy learnt from that which we have with Christ.

The end time war is a battle of love. Will you love self, things, the devil or God? It is only through loving God that man can learn to submit self (Matt 22:37, Rom 12:1-2), use things properly and proportionately seeing them as only temporary. When the gospel is proclaimed, it ALWAYS orders God’s scale of preference rightly no matter the topic taught. See 1 Cor 15: 1-58.

If you harbor bitterness for anyone with or without a reason, now is the time to save your life— repent and forgive, being as wise as a serpent but harmless as a dove (Phil 2:12). Don’t do lovely things to authenticate your love rather, let the love in your heart authenticate the lovely things you do (1 Cor 13:3).

We are in a time when praise and worship will completely cease to be an invocation and turn to entertainment. A time when the uncompromisingly righteous will remain so and the lovers of self will rather die than repent. Therefore, let no one deceive you with false alerts of peace.

Many anti-Christs are with us now. The sign is this, false teachers and prophets who ALWAYS reverse the order of God’s scale of preference are now reigning. They can’t help but to prophesy lies no matter how hard they try because the devil ensures it. They entice the saints saying, “rise up now, we’re going to take over this present world and reign as governors, heads of leading industries, become millionaires and billionaires, heads of states (not presidents since no one will elect them and their world-wide congregation are not big enough to give them majority vote). They say, don’t let your dream die the death, you’re destined for greatness! Pluck peace to yourself! Meanwhile, they don’t understand the meaning of destiny and the people who are earnestly wanting to pluck greatness and peace grossly lack any INTIMACY with the Great I Am neither do they seek diligently the Prince of peace who gives peace in the heart, in the home and in His ministry in the lives of those He assigns to take His great words and peace to the world. When God speaks to His house, He turns His people’s heart away from these distractions.

Anyone who is in darkness is being held captive by the devil wrongly because the price for your freedom has been paid by Christ’s sacrificial death and resurrection. Therefore, cry out loud to Him for help and you shall be saved Matt 4:16-17. The end times are times when all nations, peoples of all religions are to abandon graven images and flow to Him (the Spirit of Christ).

Is Christ alive in you?! Is His measure growing in you?! The end time is a time of fanning! Let the degree of glory to which the Spirit of Christ has worked in and brought you to radiate His presence inviting those you go to and those that come to you to think upon Christ Jesus 2 Cor 3:18, Luke 9:6, Acts 28:23-24, 4:12.

Get ready to go to those God will send you to to preach the gospel and be prepared to receive those that God is drawing to Christ who need to hear His words that will convince them to believe in Christ and receive true regeneration.

Beautiful times has come to man on the earth in the midst of gross darkness and God’s wrath will soon follow. Therefore, every man must escape to the pavilion of God on their knees, set their hearts to meditation on the word of God and obedience to His word to love Him and fellow men.


Leadership and Sorcery

Galatians 5:20
The definition of leadership as “influence” has misled and destroyed the faith of many leaders in the past but is even now, destroying many more especially among the younger emerging folks. This is because there are few things that can boost one’s influence without it necessarily being from God. This, makes influence a suspect word and not befitting for describing Godly leadership.

In the bible, there is no gift called leadership—but as the various gifts in the body function, leadership flows through Christ by the Holy Spirit to the whole body. It’s clear from scriptures that Eldership is not a spiritual gift but an appointed function which is done by Elders in the exercising of their gifts Acts 6:3, 14:23. Their gifts can be within the five-fold ministry seen in Eph 4:11 or spiritual gifts shown in 1 Cor 12:4-11. So, it is by exercising their gifts that they lead, which makes their authority to be subject to the scriptures.

The scriptures lay out the practice and the source of the power flowing out from those who lead at any given time and it is amply different from the practice of sorcery and its occult powers 2 Cor 4:7. Many undiscerning Christians may be vexed to read an article that associates sorcery with many a leadership in the Church but, is because they are unaware that sorcery has long left its crude form. In our time, it has become most sophisticated having been re-branded as management packages and simplified practices which can be waded on an individual or congregations without the victim(s) being aware. This has made it appealing to religious leaders and elders given it can be used discreetly and unfortunately, it works (gets the job done) though, it remains an abomination to God as it was in its earlier forms.

How do we answer to the following questions:
(a) Are you in any secret society or fraternity that you are not proud to declare membership to other fellow believers in Christ Jesus?

(b) Do you read any book(s) including on-line, you would rather no one in the Church know about?

(c) Do you attend any secret meetings including on-line (excluding governmental/national security official meetings) or receive any magazine(s) you would rather no one in the Church know about except of course those in it with you?

(d) Do you have practices or habits you’ve painstakingly learned and rehearsed by which you “harmlessly” INFLUENCE people to do things (even good things) without them even knowing they’re not acting on their own God given volition?

If your answer to any of the above is yes, God is waiting for you to bear fruit worthy of repentance Acts 19:19. God does not call anyone or group of persons to equip His people by using any blessing or power outside of Him (God). So, every attempt to enrich the lives of God’s people by employing devilish techniques is totally condemned by God’s word. If we worship other gods with our minds or serve as their embodiment while claiming to be His temple and modeling Godly leadership, we are practicing self deceit, evil and abomination.

There is need for us to constantly remind ourselves that, there is nothing anyone or any group of people who have flesh and blood does in natural darkness with their body or out of their body in spiritual darkness that escapes the light of God. His light is everywhere to save those who will call out to His love and mercy. No one needs to come out of darkness before God can save him or her—He reaches out to you where you are, to redeem you Heb 4:13, Jer 23:24, Acts 2:21. Just call out to Jesus Christ!

To be in the gospel and to model gospel leadership is to abide in Christ Jesus, Who, as the bread of life is expressed to us as biblical teachings or doctrines Heb 6:1b which helps renew our minds Gal 1:8. Those in leadership functioning at any given time, preoccupy themselves more with renewing their minds (laying down their minds for that of Christ) MORE THAN those who are not 1 Tim 3:1, 3:2, 12. However, close examination of the criteria for leaders/elders, shows that the same lifestyle is required of all Christians.

The babes, adolescent and the matured in Christ depend on the Bread to live John 6:33, 48, Heb 5:12 & 14, Psalm 119:9. This Bread is unleavened! Everyone who eats it consistently, while prayerfully relying and focusing on Christ, progressively gains grace and inspiration. The out-flowing of the grace and unction is what leads the person through whom it is flowing and others who are in contact with him or her. The mixture of grace and unction is the leadership Spirit and it cannot be referred to as influence.

Every human has influence or (aura as some call it) to varying degrees which can be accentuated by manipulation of the mind or by pledging allegiance to evil spirits who then sell their bread to the person(s) Eph 5:11-12. The bread they offer is leavened and we MUST reject it steadfastly because, it is poisonous and subtle while forcefully taking the mind to anything but Christ. It pushes one to Idolatry and spiritual death. It is false bread though it looks the same as the unleavened Bread (Eph 5:6).

We need to be Alert
While eyes are on overtly secret societies, international governmental bodies and prominent world personalities to produce the anti-Christ, havoc is raging within the coven in the temple. The temple that is supposed to be a plain city of light set on a hill has become a place of darkness where lies are being prophesied and lying wonders are being originated to deceive as many as would be led astray Ezekiel 8:1-18.

What is a Temple
It is important to note that a temple typifies the mind of an individual and the gathering together of people for worship— not the physical building. In 1 Cor 6:19, the temple is referred to as an individual person, in 1 Peter 2:5, it uses the plural form (Ecclesia) and Rev 2:9, references false worshippers as the synagogue of Satan. It’s what comes out from the temple that shapes us and our environment. This is not just about speaking but also, actions— it either blesses God or defiles us Mark 7:20, Rom 12:2. This has nothing to do with positive thinking and confession! Rather, I am talking about us yielding our minds to Christ not manipulative development of our filthy minds. The mind gives birth to the actions of the flesh (body) which is why when the mind is sick, it affects the body— so much so it is used interchangeably Col 2:18 NKJV, Matt 6:22, Luke 11:34 Rom 12:1-2.

Protection for your mind
In Eph 4:30, we are admonished not to grieve the Holy Spirit Who is suppose to reside inside each believer 24 hours and 365 days of the believers’ mortal life in other to teach, guide, help and comfort the believer. This is to prevent believers from eating the leavened bread (false teaching-mind development).

When leavened bread is presented even to a new born baby in Christ, the unction inside him or her notifies them that something is not right with the bread 1 John 2:27. But unfortunately, because of the false hierarchical structure of the institutional Church and the lack of reading and meditating on the scripture, many believers ignore this protection God gives by the Holy Spirit due to their undue respect to positional leaders of their denominations or theological camp. This is not the case with the matured in Christ, by reason of use, they are more capable to respond more swiftly to error and save their souls and if they are not selfish, they warn the babies and even the matured who have become blinded— encouraging them to escape with their souls from the net (false teaching/practice) of the devil Phil 3:15 Heb 5:14, 1 Tim 4:16.

It is unfortunate that so many fine brothers who have enjoyed the ministry, spiritual gifts and God’s awesome grace are rethinking Christianity. They need to be confronted, but be sure you have first had a think of Christianity because, if you are not grounded in the faith (Jesus Christ), His word and have a close consistent walk with the Holy Spirit, you would be INFLUENCED before you realize it—that is, if you are blessed to realize you’ve been taken in by them. The times are indeed perilous and glorious at the time!

Over several decades, some foremost brothers in Christendom have been targeted to be derailed by strategically and powerfully wooing them through corrupting knowledge acquisition and threats to expose their secret sins. The purpose is to persuade them to consider compromising the teachings of the bible. If you’re in this type of situation, confess your sin openly, receive God’s forgiveness and reject the group(s) holding you hostage. You need to do this! Free yourself and return to teaching the pure word of God to which you have been called!

John the Apostle, tells us by God’s word that a Christian can sin and there is room for repentance and cleansing by the Blood of Christ. So, never let your public reputation become a snare such that anyone or group will threaten to use your sin(s) in the past or present to hold you up in bondage in order to force you to preach and teach error. Repent, be ridiculed publicly than deliberately pervert Christ’ teaching 1 John 2:1-6. It is a lesser evil that you are humiliated in man’s sight than face God with evil conscious because you knowingly twisted His word and deceived those who looked up to you because of God’s grace in your life.

If you still love Jesus in your heart, be faithful to call a spade what it is— spade, not an agricultural implement. Call pragmatism and materialism, which easily lends itself to sorcery its proper name—humanism. And, its implication will become immediately clear and those who love Jesus will have nothing to do with it. Influencing the mind of man is easy and Satan loves it because he has always flawed man there. But, praise God our relationship with Him starts not in the mind but our spirit Eph 2:8. Christ calls His people to lay down their minds for His.

Take this article as a word from God and act now and free yourself from their oath—nothing will happen to you because of Christ’s Blood. Amen.

All through the history of the Ecclesia not Church organisations, it is men and women who have yielded their minds to God that have caused Satan and his cohorts’ nightmares. After all is said and done, reformation is not to the credit of the smartest, holiest, most studious and prayerful men and women though not without these qualities but, to the men and women who were overwhelmed by the love and Spirit of God and therefore were broken as they increasingly yielded their minds to that of Christ Jesus— to Whom be all the glory and honor for all eternity. Amen


Mavis duCille: In His Name

In these days, there is so much strife and division among people that there has been the need to cry out, “Lord, how can these things be?”

The natural, physical body functions beautifully and perfectly, without any single part being against the other. This physical body is a type of the Spiritual Body, therefore, there must be a perfect function of the Body of Christ.

God divides and separates through the working of the Spirit – good from evil, light from darknesss, righteousness from unrighteousness – so that His people can be free from all the works of the enemy, and be separated unto Him in Holiness and Righteousness – PRAISE GOD.

God, the giver of understanding, has been unveiling the mystery.

Deliverance from every situation is in HIS NAME – not name as label on someone or something, but HIS NAME which is HIS NATURE. That nature is love, peace, submission, etc. Whatsoever we ask in His Name.

So many times, believers come together and leave undelivered and unblessed – frustrated and discouraged, not having received from the Lord that which has been promised. The reason is that something is wrong with the gathering or the gathered; it was not in HIS NATURE. There may be unforgiveness, hatred, bitterness, malice, strife, guile, cunning craftiness, and such things that are contrary to the NATURE of Christ. It is like having flies in the ointment. Clean hands and a pure heart is that acceptable offering before God. Remember, God looks at the inner being. He sees light or darkness. Forgiveness and cleansing through the atonement sanctifies the vessel, making way for the greatest blessings.

God cannot bless while the contrary nature is encouraged in the soul. All the sacrifices and necessary preparations were made in the Outer Court so the services of the tabernacle would not be hindered in any way, hence the needs of the people were met. When Israel made the perfect sacrifice, God was pleased and they were blessed to the fullest. Their enemies could not stand before them; they had complete victory in all areas. When they transgressed, they fell prey to their enemies, even to the bondage of slavery.

The fruits of the flesh (anger, wrath, malice, strife, envy, bitterness, etc.) are all works of the evil one, works of darkness – where Satan presides as lord. When we therefore entertain these, we fall into the realm of darkness where Satan has power over us. We only have power in Christ; we have no power in darkness.

“Let all bitterness, and wrath, and anger, and clamour, and evil speaking, be put away from you, with ALL malice: And be ye Kind one to another, TENDERHEARTED, FORGIVING one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath FORGIVEN YOU.” Ephesians 4:31-32.

There should be no place given to the devil, or he will take advantage of every opportunity to rob and destroy.

PRAISE GOD. WE ARE MORE THAN CONQUERORS, because God made available to us, His People, every necessary piece of armament to insure us the victory.

His active presence can be experienced in the fullness of His revealed character. His NAME is linked with His righteousness, faithfulness, holiness, goodness, mercy, love, truth, etc. – that is His NAME. Since the assembling of believers forms the basis for spiritual unity with Christ, for participation of His bounties and viewing of His Sovereignty, believers must, through the divine power, rise from the lower realm (which is the opposite and contrary nature) to partake of that DIVINE NATURE.

God will not share His Glory. There must be a rejecting of one nature in order to receive the other nature. Self takes the place of Christ in the soul – the more self is rejected and cast out, the more of Christ we can have.

Times without number in the scriptures, this principle is seen in operation of someone calling on the name of the Lord:


Elijah had faith in God; he knew God’s divine purpose. It was a time when Israel should halt no longer between two opinions: they had to make a decision between God and Baal. Though there were four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal, Elijah knew His God whom he served. Baal was stilled before the Almighty. God answered not only by consuming Elijah’s sacrifice with fire, but licked up all the water that was poured onto the sacrifice and the very stones also. PRAISE GOD.

There is record of priests going to offer sacrifice in disobedience and rebellion – they were consumed.

Some went to cast out devils – instead the devils turned on them and tore them.

The spirits of darkness will only recognize the power and authority (which is the nature) that accompanies the NAME OF JESUS. This NAME is not enshrined in a system, doctrine, external influences, church organization or men’s ideas, but in righteousness, truth and holiness, because He is Saviour – the giver of inspiration. This living stone rejected of men, but to God’s elect, precious. See 1st Peter 2:4-5. All who are enjoined to this LIFE become lively stones, building up the spiritual house, each stone maintaining its proper relationship to the other, permanently connected with Christ, furnishing a habitation for God. Great and wonderful mystery – Praise God. A branch connected to the vine will bring forth fruit of its kind (of the vine).

Where two or three are gathered together in His name (NATURE), He is there in the MIDST to bless and to do THEM GOOD. Praise God it is TWO OR THREE – it does not have to be a large congregation with all the trappings of organization, just two and three gathered IN HIS NATURE. The grounds for the blessing therefore is basically:


Christ is identified with the Church – HE IS HEAD, and must be recognized as such. He is the vine; we are the branches. See John 15:1.

This dynamic power, working through submitted vessels, produces the impossible: revealing to us and renewing in us the lost image and likeness of God, being in us that all-sufficient source of PURITY AND POWER.

Christ is not content to be represented by His people in words; He wants to reign in and be Himself in His people. God has given man the capacity to rise far beyond the limits of his own individuality.

When we gather together in HIS NATURE, He is in the midst to BLESS AND DO US GOOD. He expresses Himself when there is submission to His Nature.