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apostolic creed


An invitation to be part of the wall of God’s city is like negotiating for a piece of land. The scriptures liken the heart of man to earth or land Heb 6:7. If the owner sells it to Christ, He occupies it and starts building immediately on the foundation work first. It is on this grounds that true apostles and prophets come in but not to serve tables—they’re not interested in the politicking of those who are yet to grasp the essence of the faith or city to which they’ve been admitted Acts 6:1-4, Rom 14:17. This is not to say that they don’t humbly participate in helping serve the body in practical day to day needs. On the contrary, they definitely do.

I AM SAYING IT IS NOT THE BURDEN OF THE GIFT INFUSED IN THEIR HEARTS. Theirs is to build a firm foundation of Christ IN the hearts of God’s people through doctrine, prayers and signs and wonders by the Holy Spirit Eph 2:20, Acts 2:42, 5:12, 2 Pet 3:2, Jude 1:17. Nicholas Sperling captured this truth when he said, “Everyone leaves footprints in your memory, but you only truly remember the ones that leave footprints in your heart”.

Therefore, the Apostles’ doctrine is Christ himself. It is Christ served as milk, meat and strong meat to those who are born into Him Who is the Head, light and life of the city. The Apostolic doctrines (not men’s apostolic creed) are aimed to call man back to the foundation of God’s intent which is, to worship and serve Him in spirit and truth John 4:23. This is what it means to be properly laid on the foundation of the wall of His city. The strength of the walls is in God.

Their doctrines or teachings refine and polish the lively stones of God and prevent them from succumbing to the tricks of the devil. Such tricks cajole them to put their physical needs above their spiritual needs and seek spiritual help and satisfaction from devils Matt 4:1-11. Obviously, it leads to untold bondages that harden the heart.

It will sound modest and more acceptable to many if it is said that the apostolic doctrines places equal emphasis on our physical and spiritual needs but, unfortunately, it is not the case. They explicitly say that our spiritual need is above and superior to our material needs Col 3:2, Matt 6:21. I hope the holy Spirit has revealed this truth to you!

Apostolic doctrines follow the example Jesus gave of Lazarus
Though he failed woefully in the things of material needs and wants, he made a huge success of his spiritual life by valuing his spiritual needs more than the material to the end of his earthly existence Matt 10:22, Rev 2:26. Praise God! Lazarus made it Luke 16:22-23. The grace of God in him was not in vain.  He triumphed by grace. Please note the emphasis is not on poverty but of what holds higher priority in the heart—the heart which is of more importance to God unlike man 1 Sam 16:7.

Job’s Life
The same example is portrayed to us with Job’s life. He had all the wealth that can be desired yet, his heart was firmly established not in the wealth but in God. But, given man’s usual outward way of judging things, Job may have been seen as consumed with thinking only of wealth, riches and pleasure. Especially, given he was a hard working man who had no room for laziness because laziness is not godly character. Even the devil was convinced that the wealth was the motivation for Job loving God so much.

The Contest
So, upon this mortal man, the heavens and earth are to know if, man that God created can love God above self, matter and Satan. The contest was balanced and just—God had already sacrificed the Lamb which Job could rely on and, Satan had permission to exert his entire dimension on Job except kill him. It is worth bearing in mind that Job was not aware of the reason for his situation and because he did not know that God had restricted Satan from killing him, he was subject to think that death would take him.

Astonishing Result
The result of the contest was astonishing! Job—a mortal man defeated Satan by relying on God’s grace in his life. Though, for a season of his life, his material needs and wants eluded him severely, he proved he valued more his spiritual needs by loving God more than those things. He did not just brag, “My redeemer lives and loves me” but, also, I love my redeemer too! And, his perseverance proved it.

I hope and pray that in the differential areas God calls you and I to prove our love for him, we will hold forth with a thankful heart for His praise and glory which translates to our eternal glory Rom 8:17. This is why the Apostles doctrines condense and focus believers to the core purpose of our salvation in Christ. It helps the Church to discern false doctrines coming from self acclaimed Apostles, Prophets and Teachers Rev 2:2.

Paul made a big bold claim in I Cor 15:2 which needs close attention.  Part (a) of the claim is this: The gospel he preached saves! And, part (b) states, “if you hold fast to the word I preached to you” this is saying that holding on to the word he preached is what guarantees being saved to the utmost. In part (c), failure to understand and hold on to living in the gospel culminates to a vain belief that does not accomplish God’s redemptive purpose. Paul was not in doubt that he was preaching Christ and nothing else Gal 4:19. Since it is only Christ that saves, preaching any other word other than Christ could have been a big bold waste of time. True apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, shepherds and miracle workers and helpers, take their source from Christ! Examine yours!

Paul in Rom 16: 17-18, warns the Church about deviating from the apostolic teaching. His conclusion is that those who do so, serve their belly. Here, their belly does not just speak about food but, materialism which is governed by Mammon (Satan). In 1 Cor 6:13, he clarifies to us further why the church must stay put on the foundation. So, he is saying that the foundation of the Apostles and Prophets is not given to help the church set her heart and mind on the temporal but on Christ Who lives in her as the Chief corner Stone.

Dear reader, judge every teaching and find out for yourself what it ultimately calls your heart and mind towards. If you’re sincere and diligent about this, you’ll grow in discernment by His word and the voice of the Holy Spirit.

Apostles or Prophets who claim to come from God with a special anointing or mandate to help the church with the following things are false OR derailed:

  • Impart anointing to singles to get married
  • Has special anointing to pray and make every barren woman in their organization or attending their seminar to conceive
  • Raise specific end-time warriors
  • Liberate Christian people from poverty
  • Impart uncommon wisdom to make you an inventor or become “successful”
  • Sowing seeds of xyz amount of currency to (their companies registered as charities and christened ministries) in other to become millionaires and billionaires
  • To reveal the evils of our parents/grandparents that’s causing us earthly problems etc

The sin of our grandparents that has troubled mankind is the sin of Adam and Eve. Those who seek refuge in Christ are delivered from that kingdom of darkness and put into the kingdom of Light Col 1:13.

Beloved in Christ, you and I are therefore commanded to walk in the light as precious stones of God’s wall beautifying the four corners of His city. No darkness is ever powerful enough to come into light and survive.

But, be alert for we’re in a generation where we’re religiously, philosophically, psychologically, metaphysically, economically, socially and politically being persuaded daily to step out from the light into darkness. Don’t give in! You and I have the grace of God to ignore silly persuasions like those who have gone before us to join the great cloud of witnesses above.

We need to trust God to bring us to the place where we’re valuing, treasuring and enjoying our relationship with CHRIST JESUS above all else! Paul described such a place as, “For to me to live is Christ, and to die is gain” Phil 1:21. For this cause, we’re to rejoice always and pray ceaselessly! 1 Thess 5:16-17.

But, if we’re in the Spirit (kingdom of light) yet, choose to step into darkness, we then make ourselves susceptible to be bitten by the serpent (the king of darkness) that is always waiting to bite Gal 5:25, 1 Pet 5:8. In which case, we must repent from accusing the pain of our bite on people who have finished their earthly business and gone.

While no Christian (those truly regenerated by grace through faith in Christ) is more righteous or holier than another, our level of diligence in loving God, reverencing Him by departing from evil and enjoying Him presently is definitely not the same.

No one enjoys God and grows in grace without an increasing knowledge of Christ and obedience to Him 2 Pet 3:18, Eph 1:17 NLT, Phil 3:10-11. By obedience to Him, I mean obedience to the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus that has set all who are in Him free from the law of sin and death (Ten Commandments amplified).

Those set free from the Old law are brought into the New Law Rom 8. Therefore, God does not have a people without Law. Those who follow the voice of Christ gain abundant life (a depth of Christ’ life) and peace even in the midst of tribulation Rom 8:6, John 5:25.

In Acts 9, Saul heard Christ’s voice and giving his heart to Him, came into life and peace with a new name as Paul! He never stopped listening to His voice as a law unto him. This brought him into Christ’s abundant life John 10:10. Paul’s life as we read in the scriptures is an encouraging RESULT for all who will live by the voice of the Holy Spirit (the Law of life in Christ).

Therefore, our invitation is to be weak in ourselves and consequently, be strong in Christ Jesus!

The apostolic doctrines state without ambiguity that God loves mankind and, for that reason, He seeks our love.  John recorded the question which “The Apostle of the church” that is Christ Heb 3:1, posed for you and I to answer.  “___, do you love me more than these?” John 21:15. PLEASE don’t fill in Peter’s name in the blank. He finished his earthly ministry to God by following the law of life in Christ. The law of life in Christ, leads His people to be refined, polished and fitted to their place in His glorious city.

The precious stones of God’s city are the embodiment of the measure and power of Christ Rev 21:9-27. Because of this,  all the powers of darkness can’t prevail! Matt 16:18. May God be praised forever—for He has loved His city with an everlasting love! Amen.

May the grace and peace of Christ abound to you as you think upon Christ!