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Oh! How sweet is the Christian life!

The sweetness of Christian living is possible only as we hear the master’s voice giving us counsel that is tried and tested— counsel that leads us to the green pasture and ever flowing river whose stream is commanded by God to make glad His city (our hearts).

How awesome and graciously powerful is the Lord’s voice— leading those that fear Him to joyous obedience.

The river of God is flowing towards you and I, may we let its stream into our hearts through obedience to his voice. We gain victory over the enemy through obedience to God. Suddenly, we notice that something sweet is coming out from our strong enemy because we obeyed the voice of our Lord the stronger man.

He has disarmed and defeated the enemy on our behalf.

If listening and obeying the voice of the Holy Spirit gives us victory and gladness, it will also mean that not listening and obeying the word of God will leave us in a place of defeat and sadness.