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The laughter continued! This laughter is not the “funny laughter” that is peculiar to any theological group. It is just good old laughter but God was in it. They all laughed and laughed then, it went quiet. The silence that followed was remarkable. You could hear a pin drop.

Then, the sister walked to the middle as they all gazed at her, wondering what had just made them all excited, calm, peaceful and full of joy. At the same time, they were eager to know what their sister not their “sinning sister” had to say. She greeted them and started to sing a song they all usually enjoyed. It called their hearts and minds to the beauty of living their lives on earth together in love and deep reverence for God and for the hope of eternal life together with Him, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the saints written in the bible and those who had been amongst them that have slept in the Lord.

As they ended the song, another song was raised. They continued singing different songs for a while and then, one of the “righteous sisters” came to the front and stood with her. The “righteous sister” said, “As we were laughing, God spoke to me” but she was quickly interrupted by the voices of the others, “please tell us what our Lord said!” Then she said this, “He told me that I am forgiven the sin that has defeated me all along, and that it will not have dominion over me again”.

Suddenly, one after the other, they all came out to affirm that God told them the same thing as they were all laughing.

As the place settled again into silence, everyone’s eye was again on their previously known “sister sinner”. They exclaimed, “please beloved, tell us what you wanted to tell us before, the Lord moved us to testify of His forgiveness of our hidden sins and victory over the sins through His grace”!

The sister  broke down, weeping for joy and happiness! She told them the story of her encounter with God which was exactly the same thing they had experienced while laughing. Their gathering together henceforth was never the same. The song “Bind us together with love that cannot be broken” was reawoken in the fellowship.They learnt to be patient, love, pray, exhort and admonish one another. They learnt to differentiate between those whose determination is to remain in sin so that grace may abound from those who are standing against sin in their lives, asking and learning to overcome it with His grace in them.

Their motto became, “lean not on your own understanding, in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path”.

All His ways are perfect, merciful, holy, righteous, peaceful, and joyful and crowned with love. “He will not let His people remain in corruption”.

Let all who love the Lord say, “all His ways are just”. Amen.