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The catch-up with antinomianism mentality is fast sweeping MANY across all facets of Christendom. Refusing the “in-crowd” mentality which is more often than not remotely driven by narcissism is readily seen as pride.

The fact remains that we are NOW paying a huge price for the error of some decades back when false teachers and prophets were empathized with in direct disobedience to scriptures that “command” that they should be REBUKED SHARPLY AND PUT OUT OF FELLOWSHIP OF SAINTS. Also, WARN brethren to avoid their materials and give them no funding or support of any sort (Titus 1:10-16, 1 Tim 1:20 and 2 Tim 4:15). The intention of this is to encourage and push them to reconsider their ways and repent.

Those most respected today in Christendom are the very ones that are selling out so fast that I’m honest to say it is frightening. Their subtle arrogance and impetus beats the imagination. May the Lord show mercy on us and help us!

Well when men have enough follower-ship to sustain their invented godly (actually ungodly) ambition to reach the whole world for Christ (for themselves) they cannot but be insistent in their error and misleading the people for whom Christ suffered, died and resurrected to save.

“We’re justified by grace so that we’re able to do good works. The works don’t save us; they’re the result of our salvation!”- Shane Raynor. This statement is so simple the unschooled can understand it and love, fear, praise and worship God joyfully. Why those who claim to be “big” ministers that love and fear God would want to complicate it and intimidate people with high sounding academic philosophies which at best destroys people’s pure faith is hard to understand. But it is actually not hard to understand, it’s the work of deceiving spirits as predicted by scriptures (1 Tim 4:1).

Things that can be seen came out from things that cannot be seen. So also, activities took place in the unseen and have been proven by what we can see -creation- (Heb 11:3). The things we can see testify to the things that we cannot see. Those who are saved keep their mind on the things of the Spirit and bear visible fruit (Christ’s stature) that gives light to the world pointing her to Jesus Christ the only saviour of all men (Acts 4:12)

In the same manner, the workings of the Holy Spirit within a believer is exhibited by visible proof of goodness (Eph 5:9, Gal 5:22) and not (Gal 5:19-22) which are visible fruit of a mind set on the flesh and subject to the old law.

Romans 8:1-2 KJV states a heartwarming and indisputable truth. Verse 2 clarifies how verse 1 came to be- the “LAW” of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus accomplished it in those who are gifted with the privilege of verse 1. The people who are now enjoying the privilege of verse 1 were under the “LAW” of sin and death before. On one hand, this law teaches those under it right from wrong but does not empower them to fulfill its demands because their minds are carnal but the law is spiritual ( Rom 7:14, Gal 5:25).

On the other hand, the second law (law of the spirit of life IN Christ Jesus) empowers those under it to fulfill the law. So those enjoying verse 1, are under the second law. And that law is being written in their mind. God has not permitted that any soul should be without law for that will lead to lawlessness and acrimony which describes the devil and his activities.

The greatest evidence that points to those under the law of sin and death is their practice of much effort to clean the outside of the cup (outward actions) while the inside of the cup (inward actions) are unclean. They do this because they are aware that salt cannot make itself salty. Sinners cannot by themselves save themselves period!