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Check out this picture and see how it amazingly portrays the appearance of FALSE DOCTRINE.false doctrine
The light from above the plant seems bright enabling photosynthesis.

The fruit of the plant is white, attractive and the leaves really green and looking like life giving.

But look CLOSELY and OBSERVE the thistles beautifully and systematically arranged on the fruits and edges of the leaves. This at least to me is the best pictorial expression of false teaching I have ever seen.

It is funny to me how having looked at the plant, my mind associated it with deception. Creation is speaking to mankind about the glory of God and at the same time sending out messages of warnings to man. It’s like before earthquakes, tsunamis and droughts occurs less intelligent creatures- beast of the fields and birds of the air get the sign, prepare and flee for safety.

Lord help us, your children, to understand the seasons not by observing the weather but by giving ear to your word and spirit. Amen

Human Intelligence is no match to forces of darkness in the day of battle but the Lord of all wisdom who Himself is wisdom has given us His tested word that cannot fail. It will guide us into victory over the enemy as he is already slain and defeated by the Captain of our salvation.

All we need do is keep in step with Him (Gal 5:25).