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No one fights those he has already captured. If you have the love of God, hold on to it tightly. Those who do not have love, their love cannot grow cold Matt 24:12 NIV. It is only those that have grace that can fall from grace. Being lukewarm does not afflict unbelievers only believers, is only those in the faith that can depart from the faith. Unbelievers are never warm towards God.

An enemy cannot betray – it is only friends that can betray friends. May the Holy Spirit grant us understanding!

We all need to be still before Christ Jesus the lover of our souls. It helps us hear His instructions clearly.

It is not wisdom for the captured to continue barking on the captor; as many Christians do- practicing wickedness which is of the devil yet they claim to fiercely bind the devil in their prayers.

2 Tim 2:26, shows clearly, he that does the will of the devil is captured. Wisdom demands that the captured looks for exit and escape from the captor before he finally kills the captured with the same wickedness they are indulging Gal 5:15.

As Christians, we repent, submit to God, resist the Devil and he will flee at least for that season James 4:7, Luke 4:13. And, because he flees only for a season, we are to resist him steadfastly each time. We bind devils (demons) and cast them out (Matt 10:1, Luke 10:19). But, no Christian has authority to bind Satan the devil.

God has left us a window of escape that the devil cannot stop. The window is called repentance-each person should use it sincerely as the Blood of Jesus propitiates for us 1 John 2:1-2.

If you are entangled in sin, though you are God’s servant, please use the window of escape (repent) before your conscience gets seared and you begin twisting doctrines to suit your purpose 1 Tim 4:2. This dangerous situation does open up spiritual people for the beast to download the anti-Christ into them 1 John 2:18, 2 John 1:7.

Without apology, we must note that no one becomes a false Apostle, Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist, Shepherd or a deceitful “server of tables”- (a term for describing seemingly not too important aspect of service Acts 6:2, treasurer John 13:29 NLT), without having first been seriously intending to pursue spiritual life. For this reason, submitting oneself sincerely to God and resisting the devil is an individual daily walk that cannot be communalized.

2 Peter 2:1 opens with a firm indication that false prophets and teachers will align to destroy the Church (saints of God). They will accomplish this by introduction of heresies (mere human thoughts minced with seemingly fine ideas inspired by demon spirits).

It is important to note that Peter’s admonition and exhortation is not towards those doomed prophets and teachers. You may ask why? Well, no one becomes a false prophet or teacher by accident- there is always a deliberate submission to the beast that infuses the anti-Christ spirit into them. So, no one is a false prophet or teacher because they impropery taught God’s word as a result of over zealousness and ignorance (James 3:1, 1 Cor 7:7, Eph 4:11).

We must avoid being quick to call people false prophets and teachers in order to discern between the wheat and tare. Thus, reveal the real culprits and the danger they pose.

Given the doomed condition of those false prophets and teachers, Peter, concluded all he had to say about them in verse 1 and moved on to elaborate on their strategies which can be narrowed down to this one thing; belittle and make public ridicule of Christ and turn the people who have already embraced Him away and stop those intending to embrace Him. This is done by their doctrines and lifestyle Heb 6:6. He was concise, direct and vehement for the sake of the saints!

So, Peter’s main theme is this; many who were previously in the faith will depart from the faith as a result of the doctrines of these false prophets and teachers 2 Pet 2:2. Please, beware many of them now bear the title Pastor which is a designation used to overshadow all of the “ministry gifts”, against God’s wise opinion to keep them separate Eph 4:11.

In 2 Peter 2:8, he gives the saints a hint on how to escape the onslaught. This hint comes from the lesson learnt from the servants of God of old like King David and Prophet Isaiah Psalm 31:10, Isaiah 21:2, 51:11. Sighing (broken and contrite heart) has never failed to bring down the mercy of God on His people whose consciences are not yet seared or reprobate.

In 2 Peter 2:10-19 NLT, he states the characteristics of the reprobates and those departing from the faith and declared how the end will look for them in 2 Pet 2:20-22.

A person that was once not deceived can later be deceived Mark 13:5, 1 Cor 10:12. If you say you have grace, has that grace helped you make up your mind to honor God, humble yourself before His word consistently and resolve to endure to the end? How do you answer?

Or have you been indoctrinated with the modern understanding of being “under grace” and “Jesus is my righteousness” that permit Christians to:

(a) Neglect keeping clear conscience
(b) Deliberately do evil now in hard circumstance and repent later
(c) Deliberately lie against people including fellow believers to appear holy and accepted
(d) Tell fabricated lies against individuals in other to protect the “church”
(e) Cheat and batter their spouse
(g) Permit men to sleep with men and even marry men
(h) Admit women into eldership to appear trendy
(i) Knowingly employ occultic packages to grow the “church”
(j) Run tactical programmes that get wives to be more loyal to church leaders than their OWN husbands
(k) Permit men who neglect their families to jump around in the name of working for God

These things are a stench to the nostril of God. God is merciful- all we need do is quickly repent and follow the gospel (narrow way) again.

Hopefully you have not joined those that think they can never fall- because they that are down need not fear fall.
Well, the day a man can never fall is the day; he most urgently needs to be lifted up!

Falling and not knowing it is a significant sign that one’s life is in danger. Using the Blood of Jesus as a magic wand to cover our continuous hatred, bitterness, craftiness, wickedness, plotting ones achievements at others expense, secret immoral life, wishing others evil future, praying in Jesus name against others, envying, partisan spirit, mockery of others and harbouring deep dissatisfaction with God is deceptive.

Professing the finished sacrifice of Christ on the cross, His resurrection and grace while disregarding it’s power to cleanse from those exceeding evils and to keep one away from them is unprofitable 2 Cor 13:5.

Jesus said, “Pray that you do not enter into temptation” How do you understand the admonition? Given temptation is inevitable in this present age whose god is a god of temptation and the fact we are clothed with mortal flesh Rom 7:23, 6:12, 1 Pet 2:11. Have you considered the statement to mean, pray that you’re not deceived- because deception is not just dangerous but extremely difficult to recover from because deceived people can hardly figure out they have been deceived.

God is not like the joker in the park! God is God- May God speak to your heart that He is God- it is impactful when man hears directly in his heart and mind that God is God.

God has desire and His desire is that His people continue in “well doing”.

The phrase “well doing”, references the will of God. So, see these passages Isaiah 3:10, Romans 2:7, Gal 6:9, 2 Thess 3:13, 1 Peter 2:15, 3:17, 4:19. Please dear friend, pause! If you did not read through those scriptures, I will plead with you to go back and patiently read them.

We will continue our meditation on “The falling away” in the next post

May the grace of God and the knowledge of Christ Jesus guide and guard you in His love and peace. Amen